CS Chemigraphic

As a leading EMS partner to corporate and global OEMs across a broad range of markets Chemigraphic provide manufacturing and technical support at all stages of the product lifecycle, from product inception and design to end of life support and management.

Chemigraphic have bought over 2000m2 of Ecotile since 2013 using the ESD tiles in electronic assembly areas and the standard blue tiles for the corridors and public areas. They have also used a small number of red tiles as an extra safety feature in a high voltage area.

The use of Ecotile at Chemigraphic has been overseen by Graham Hill. “There are 2 main benefits to us of using the Ecotile interlocking tile system. First, we have been able to do the installation ourselves around the needs of the business; it’s not necessary to close down an area or even move workbenches out of the way – we simply lift the legs and slide the tiles underneath. Second, the flexibility of the tiles has been a huge advantage for us because we have been able to move the tiles around in line with the changing needs of the business. If some tiles get damaged they can be lifted and replaced in a matter of minutes.”