What can we help you with?


This page contains everything you need to know about placing an order with Ecotile. This includes information about manufacturing lead times, returns, discounts and more.


Where can I order?

You can order from our online shop, over the phone, or you can visit our UK factory. We can fulfil orders from all over the world, but the online shop does not work in every country. If you can’t place your order online, contact us at [email protected]

I’m missing an item from my order, what do I do?

We may have sent your item in a separate delivery, so please check your emails to see if any of your items will be arriving separately. If you are not expecting a second arrival, please contact us as soon as possible.

There is a faulty item in my order, what do I do?

We strive to ensure that there as little faulty items as possible. If you do discover a fault, please contact [email protected] with your order number and a description/photo of the issue.

My order is not correct, I have received the wrong item.

If you have received the wrong product or colour in your order, please let us know immediately. We can only guarantee a return if you have not installed the floor.

How long will it take to receive my order?

You will be notified of a delivery date by your account manager. If we have your product in stock and your order is placed before 2 pm GMT, it will be delivered the following day. If we do not have your product in stock, you will be notified by email.

If my product isn’t in stock, how long does it take to manufacture?

We strive to have the quickest turnaround times in the industrial flooring industry, however, if your product is not in stock, the manufacturing schedule is completely dependent on our current situation. As a rough guide, your order can be delayed by up to 5 days if it needs to be manufactured. You will be notified on the status of your product as soon as your order is placed.

Alternatively, you can contact us to find out if your product is in stock before you place your order.

Can I cancel my order after I’ve placed it?

If the product you have ordered is in stock, we aim to dispatch it the same day. Because of the speed of this process, we can’t guarantee you will be able to cancel your order in time. If you do need to cancel your order, let us know within 2 hours.

Can I amend my order after I’ve placed it?

You may be able to amend your order depending on the status of your order. If your product is still in the packing process, we may be able to add or remove products to your order. Again, please let us know within 2 hours of placing your order.

Will I receive updates on my order status?

Yes, you will receive order confirmation and a delivery tracking code shortly afterwards.

Can I have a discount on my order?

The price per m2 will be reviewed depending on the size of your area or application. Smaller orders will not usually qualify for a price review. We often have end of batch or special offer products that are cheaper.

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