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Ecotile vs the Competition; why should you choose us?

Why is Ecotile better than the competition? When you start researching industrial flooring options you soon realise there is a huge amount of competition and if you don’t have any experience in this area it can be very daunting. As well as interlocking tiles you may also be considering epoxy resin, concrete, ceramic tiles or […]

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Is ‘Specialist Flooring’ the next step for Ecotile?

For 22 years, Ecotile Flooring has been responsible for providing industrial engineering firms, factories, storage warehouses and sport & fitness centres with safe, reliable and adaptable specialist flooring that not only improves productivity but also looks great. We’ve even been given two awards by the Queen. So what is next for Ecotile? A couple of […]

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Ecotile and The Arts: Tate Modern

Earlier this month, we were invited to collaborate with Cuban artist Tania Brugurea on her art project at the Tate Modern in London. The Tate Modern is a world famous British art institution based on the borders of Central and South London. It has showcased a wide variety of international modern and contemporary art encompassing a […]

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Government White Paper on Future UK/EU Relations

The government’s latest White Paper was published last week, finally providing definite information about the UK Government’s position to businesses in the UK and the European Union. It sets out the latest UK vision for a future relationship, dealing in trade in goods and services, as well as security cooperation, immigration and general oversight mechanisms. […]

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