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The Human Touch With AI And The Workplace

In most recent conversations to do with the ever-increasing digital work-scape and use of artificial intelligence, the focus has been on how our technological creations are becoming self-fulfilling prophecies in which: 1). Having more potential to be efficient than we are due to being purely mechanical and can be augmented further to increase productivity. Being […]

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Ecotile at Buckingham Palace & The Queen’s Awards Ceremony

Hello Everyone, As you may have all seen on our social media channels , we’ve recently won two rather prestigious awards in the highly renowned Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. We are surprised, humbled and very grateful to receive awards for both Innovation and International Trade. Funny how things work out, seeing as we applied on the […]

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ecotile esd and antistatic flooring (32)

ESD/Conductive and Anti-Static Flooring: The Differences

If you are looking for a flooring solution that deals with static then it’s important that you understand the difference between anti-static and ESD. They both prevent a person from building up a charge as they walk across the floor, so they do not get a shock when they touch something that conducts electricity. However, […]

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Business and Pleasure: Our Ventures in Dubai

In January 2017, our esteemed CEO, Mr James Gedye, visited the hitherto unexplored gulf region (as far as Ecotile is concerned) and specifically Dubai, home to a multicultural society of 3 million, the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa and capital of the Emirate of Dubai, one of the 7 emirates that makes […]

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The Ecotile PVC Flooring Factory Europe, Netherlands

Ecotile Is Opening A New Warehouse In Europe

Ecotile Flooring are embarking on a new opportunity to cement our expansion plans in Europe. In a joint venture with long term Dutch distributor Floormaxx, we are opening a new warehouse in Deventer, Netherlands on May 15th. Warehouse space at our factory in Luton has been seriously depleted to make room for our fourth injection-moulding […]

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