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Thinking of Using Industrial Floor Paint? Read This

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The UK has a tonne of industrial floor space; in fact, there are roughly 52 million square metres of it in the warehousing sector alone. That’s equivalent to an area the size of Luton, the home of Ecotile. Now, with all that space, businesses are always looking for ways to keep their facilities in top-notch condition. Enter floor paint, a “cheap” and cheerful industrial floor covering that provides a clean finish and stops the build-up of concrete dust. But hold up, we’re talking serious amounts here – over 703 million litres of paint are sold annually in the UK. That’s enough to fill 2.3 million bathtubs or to keep your shower running non-stop for 70 years! With an ever-increasing focus on sustainability and longevity, it’s time to compare: does floor paint hold its own against Ecotile?

Price and Performance

Paint is the go-to flooring solution for many because it’s budget-friendly. At first glance, floor paint is far cheaper than epoxy resin or floor tiles, and a well-painted industrial floor looks excellent. But here’s the kicker: paint fails no matter how good the primer and sealant are. Sooner or later, it begins to peel, chip and wear away. That’s bad news for your floor performance. Paint doesn’t provide much protection to the original concrete floor, so think potential damage to the underlying concrete, your products and equipment – not to mention the safety hazards it poses. And if site appearance matters to you, a floor that’s peeling and chipping isn’t going to score you any points during customer visits or audits.

On the flip side, Ecotile faces none of the same problems. Our injection moulded PVC floor tiles last for 20+ years, and they’re extremely durable. They have an R10 slip rating and they’re flame retardant too, which ensures health and safety issues are negated. With a thickness of 7mm, our interlocking floor tiles can easily withstand forklift truck traffic, taking the brunt of the weight and keeping the concrete in its original condition underneath. Plus, they provide a smart and professional finish that’s a breeze to clean and maintain. Say goodbye to peeling, cracking, or failing floors – with Ecotile, you’re investing in peace of mind.

Do You Lease or Own Your Building?

If you have a Full Repairing and Insuring lease you are responsible for all external and internal maintenance, including the flooring. So, at the end of the lease, the property must be returned in its original condition and you may be required to pay for a new one – a cost you will see no benefit from. If you use and install Ecotile you have two significant benefits. Firstly, you will be protecting the floor that you inherited and the landlord will not be able to make any claim for repairs or reinstatement. Secondly, when you move, you can take YOUR floor with you to use in the new premises. Occasionally, clients will initially take a six-month licence on a property to test its viability. By installing Ecotile in the unit, they protect the floor and mitigate the risk of dilapidation costs if they do not extend their lease.

Tax Efficient/Save Money

Because Ecotile is a loose laid flooring solution, it can be treated as capital expenditure and therefore the entire cost can be deducted against your corporation tax liability. Painted, resin or vinyl floors are generally defined as building improvements and are therefore not allowed to be treated as a capital expenditure. For further guidance please refer to:

A comparison chart showing industrial floor paints features against Ecotile.
15 years of using floor paint in a 200sqm area can become a far more costly and time consuming prospect than it initially seems.

Why Our Customers Were Fed Up of Floor Paint

Painting your floor might seem like a quick fix, but it’s not just one and done. We asked the folks who used to paint their floors before choosing Ecotile – on average, they were repainting their floors once a year. That’s not sustainable in any sense of the word. You’re essentially signing up for an annual floor makeover with stripping, priming, and repainting. Not to mention the downtime (literally, waiting whilst it dries) and the costs that come with it. Suddenly, that cheap paint job doesn’t seem so budget-friendly anymore.

Choosing Ecotile is a long-term investment that ensures you don’t have to worry about your floor for decades. We offer a 10-year warranty with all our tiles, and they have an average lifespan of 20+ years. This means significantly fewer materials used and less disruption to your operation. Our market leading modular flooring system can be installed without downtime, skipping the need for prep work or adhesive – just lay it directly over your existing floor. It can be fitted in sections, so you can continue to work whilst the floor is being installed. And to avoid disrupting calibrated machinery, our tiles can be installed around them, and cut to fit so that nothing is exposed. What if a tile gets damaged? It can be replaced individually, eliminating the need for extensive floor-stripping and maximising productivity. This long-term cost-effectiveness ensures a secure investment for your business.

A comparison showing the preparation for industrial floor paint vs the ease of Ecotile
Install Ecotile directly over your existing floor

Let’s Talk Environmental Impact

Floor paint contains several ingredients that spell bad news for the environment, and getting rid of it responsibly? Let’s say it’s easier said than done. Take titanium dioxide, for example – a common colour pigment used in paint. Sure, it creates a striking finish, but its production releases many harmful emissions including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and sulphur dioxide. And let’s not forget about the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) found in the paint’s pigments, fungicides and biocides. So, not only do you have to paint with plenty of ventilation to avoid inhaling chemicals, but disposing of paint safely is another challenge.

Ecotile is manufactured using PVC. Whilst it is a by-product of oil, it’s one of the most resource-efficient plastics out there. Not only is it extremely durable, but it’s also 100% recyclable, and there are no dangers associated with prolonged use. We’ve launched our own Buy Back and Take Back scheme – customers can get in touch when their tiles reach the end of their service life, and we’ll arrange to repurchase/collect and recycle them. We’re UK-based and have our own recycling facilities on-site in our ISO14001 accredited premises, helping us create a more sustainable future by reducing waste and minimising mileage footprint.

a wheel spread of Ecotile's products


So, while floor paint is a very attractive proposition due to its low upfront cost and the finish it provides, the allure quickly fades. Before you know it, it’s peeling and flaking, leaving you with no choice but to use more budget and more operational downtime to replace it. Conversely, Ecotile is built to last and is kinder to the planet. With its durable design and smart finish, it’ll keep your premises looking sharp for decades. And when the time finally comes, we’ll collect it and recycle it.

When it comes down to it, the choice is crystal clear – Ecotile is a far superior floor covering. That explains why many of our best customers get fed up with painting their floors and start using Ecotile!

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