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Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly Sector

Ecotile produces a high-quality modular ESD flooring solution to help the electronics industry protect components, equipment and other products from static damage. Providing a safe and traceable path to ground, Ecotile interlocking floor tiles are used around the world by specialist electronics businesses.

Our static-dissipative floor tiles are perfect for OEMs, CEM and EMS companies involved in:

  • Electronic engineering
  • Component production
  • Semiconductor supply and manufacture
  • Robotics and automation
  • Consumer electronics
  • Sensors and specialist components
  • Research and viability studies
  • Aerospace and automotive
  • PCB production and assembly
  • Communication equipment

Providing Permenant Static Protection

Industry experts have estimated product losses caused by static range from 25-33%. Typically, ESD damage costs the electronics industry billions of pounds a year.

Reduce customer returns, minimize product failure rates and save £1,000’s on repairs by integrating Ecotile’s ESD protective flooring into your static-controlled area.

Installed in just a matter of hours, our static-dissaptive interlocking floor tiles are loose laid over a grid of conductive tape.

Each tile contains metal fibres, which when combined with the conductive tape and a grounding stud tile creates a guaranteed path to ground. The metal fibres ensure permanent ESD performance and keep static away from your PCBs and charge-sensitive equipment for a lifetime.

Have a raised metal access floor? You can use Ecotile on that too. We’ll just add a layer of Corex sheeting to ensure the electrical resistance range is safely met.

Why the Electronics Sector Use Ecotile

 ESD Coating vs Ecotile


  • Lifetime ESD performance guarantee
  • No disruption during installation
  • Ideal for leased and temporary workspaces
  • No adhesives, special floor prep or moisture protection required
  • Easily installed over most subfloors
  • End-to-end ESD solution (including installation, testing and certification)
  • Resistant to chemical spills
  • Anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties
  • Suitable for use in Class 7 & 8 cleanrooms
  • 10-year warranty


Most businesses use Ecotile as the first line of defence against static damage, combining the ESD tiles with other measures to form a complete static solution.

Get in touch with our experienced team to find out how Ecotile can help your electronics facility operate better.

Non-Static Areas

For areas where control of static isn’t an issue, businesses choose the Ecotile E500/7 Original. Designed for industrial use (including fork-lift traffic), these floor tiles are used in 1000s of manufacturing and assembly settings across the UK and around the globe. Strong, durable and with an estimated lifespan of 20 years, investing in an Ecotile Original floor will protect your subfloor whilst providing a safer and more pleasant working environment for your team.


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