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Ecotile Lifestyle

Learn about Ecotile Lifestyle, our outdoor product.


How much weight can Ecotile Lifestyle withstand?

130 kilograms per cm squared, or 500 tonnes spread across 1 square metre.

What is Lifestyle made of?

Tiles are made from UV Stabilised Polypropylene.

Can I Use Lifestyle tiles outside?

Yes, our lifestyle tiles have been designed for outdoor use and are suitable for all climates and conditions.

How long will my floor last before it starts to lose function?

20 years +

Will my tiles fade or distort over time?

No, Lifestyle tiles are 100% UV stable, therefore they will not lose their colour or shape over time.

Do I need to glue Ecotile Lifestyle down?

No, you cannot glue Ecotile Lifestyle but don’t worry, they are designed to be loose laid and will not move.

What keeps an Ecotile Lifestyle tile in position?

The cleverly designed interlocking system. No nails, screws, bolts or glue are required.

How do I install Ecotile Lifestyle?

Please follow our installation guide.

How can I cut Lifestyle tiles?

You can cut them with a hacksaw or jigsaw.

How many tiles will cover a square metre?

There are 7 tiles to a square metre.

Why are there holes in the tile?

  • Ventilating the substrate reduces condensation and dampness
  • To allow surface water to drain away
  • To maximise the anti-slip performance of the tiles
  • To maximise airflow
  • To allow the existing floor to breathe

What if something falls through the holes?

The holes are very small so it’s unlikely to happen – if it does, you can easily remove a tile and pick it up.

How often and how should I clean Ecotile Lifestyle?

Whenever required, vacuum to remove dust and mop using a gentle detergent. If you are outside, you can thoroughly clean the tiles with a jet wash without damaging them.

Can I install the tiles directly on top of grass?

No, if being laid on a grassy area, sand (stone powder) will need to be laid and compressed. Then on top, a geotextile ( i.e Tencate PP15 or similar) with a fine structure needs to be laid.

Will chlorine from a swimming pool stain my tiles?

No, the tiles are specifically designed to cope with all of the chemicals required to maintain a hygienic swimming pool.

Can I walk on the tiles bare foot in hot conditions?

Yes, that’s one of the main benefits of Ecotile Lifestyle. The tiles are UV protected and the holes allow maximum airflow to keep the tiles from getting too hot. You don’t have to worry about burning your feet when you get out of the swimming pool.