About Ecotile – The PVC Flooring Specialists

The Ecotile PVC Flooring Factory Europe, Netherlands

Our Story

Ecotile is a privately owned UK manufacturing company founded in 1996. We produce high quality, durable PVC flooring suitable for industrial use. Based in Luton, Bedfordshire, the Ecotile factory adheres to ISO9001 standards which makes us extremely efficient at what we do.

Meet our world class  management team:

  • CEO & Founder – James Gedye
  • Managing Director – Michael Ollivere
  • Marketing & Exports Director – Lucinda O’Reilly

Thanks to our management team, customer service team and our skilled factory operatives, we can ensure that the highest quality standards are achieved 100% of the time.

With a state of the art manufacturing plant, sales offices across Europe and further development in The Americas, we can provide any business or consumer with safe, durable PVC flooring.

Ecotile pride ourselves on working in partnership with customers who value the highest levels of service, quality, safety and technical expertise.

It all started in a North London garden shed! Two decades later, Ecotile has provided flooring solutions for some of the most globally recognised companies including Adidas, Rolls-Royce, Bosch and Hitachi.

Environmentally friendly & Sustainable PVC Flooring

The Ecotile PVC Flooring product range has been designed to have minimal impact on the environment and contains a high percentage of both post and pre consumer waste and recycled material.

Our goal is to prevent harm to the environment as a result of our actions.

Our ISO 14001 accreditation helps us to monitor our performance across a wide range of environmental indicators and benchmark our progress continuously.We even offer to remove and recycle your old Ecotile PVC flooring when it has finally reached the end of it’s life-cycle. The recycled material is then used to create the next generation of Ecotile.

Health & Safety Values

Ecotile aim to ensure that no harm to our employee’s health occurs as a result of our activities. We take health and safety seriously and invest heavily in training. We are CHAS and Safe Contractor Accredited.
Maintaining a first-class safety culture is key to our business, and we continue to make good progress through the improvement, monitoring and control of any activities which have the potential to impact on health.

Ecotile and our people

We seek to utilise the full talents of all our people and to create a safe, healthy  and fair working environment for all our employees. Our staff are not limited by their job title and are free to branch out in to other areas of the business whenever it is practical to do so. It is our goal to develop our team’s talents so they can become the very best they are able to be.