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Recycling Schemes – Buy Back & Take Back FAQs

Customers can get in touch when their tiles reach the end of their service life. We’ll arrange to repurchase or collect old Ecotile Original floor tiles and recycle them.  Here’s everything you need to know about the terms of our Buy Back and Take Back Schemes.

Have a question we’ve not answered? Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all Ecotiles be recycled?

Yes. Ecotile is manufactured by us from virgin PVC, meaning it is 100% recyclable. However, the tiles must not have been fixed to the floor or substrate with any adhesive substances.

They must be free from other elements which would prevent recycling such as oils, grease, sealants, or foreign objects such as screws and nails.

Are my tiles eligible for the scheme?

If you have Ecotile Original interlocking floor tiles, your tiles are eligible for the buyback scheme.

There are just a few requirements to ensure we can recycle them;

You must not have previously fixed them to the floor or substrate with any adhesive substances.

They must be free from other elements which would prevent recycling, such as oil, grease, screed contamination or foreign objects such as screws or nails.

Will it cost to have Ecotile recycle my old tiles?

We recycle used Ecotile Original floor tiles free of charge and regrind the material to make our R500 recycled floor tiles. Helping us in our ethos of zero to landfill by recycling and reusing perfectly good materials where possible.

Is there a minimum quantity required before you'll recycle my tiles?

We’d be delighted to take back any amount of Ecotile Original floor tiles over 1m2, or 8.86kg of offcuts. We’ll happily arrange a collection from you if you have less than 30m2 or less than 265kg of tiles, including ramps and offcuts.

For quantities over 30m2 or 265kg+, we’ll buy back your Ecotile flooring from you at the prevalent market rate.

Will you take cut tiles, off cuts or ramps to recycle?

Yes! We’ll recycle offcuts, ramps, and cut tiles. As long as they are Original Ecotile floor tiles or ramps and there’s over 8.86kg in total weight.

Can you recycle any colour of tile?

Yes, we can recycle all Ecotile Original products, including all colours and thicknesses.

Do you recycle all thicknesses of tile?

Yes, we are able to collect and recycle all Ecotile Original floor tiles and ramps. So no matter what depth of tile you chose, we can recycle it and help avoid unnecessary landfill.

Will you pay to buy back my tiles?

If you have over 30m2 of Ecotile Original floor tiles (or 265kg of combined weight of tiles, ramps and offcuts) then we’ll happily buy them back from you.

We’ll buy them back at the prevalent market price, collect them for free and recycle them for free.

What if my tiles have been glued to the floor / substrate?

Unfortunately, we cannot recycle tiles that have been adhered to floors using glue or adhesive. The tiles need to be free from bonds, oil, grease, and foreign objects such as screws and nails to allow them to go through the recycling process.

I've had my tiles over 20 years, can they still be recycled?

Yes! It doesn’t matter how old your floor tiles are. As long as they are Ecotile Original interlocking floor tiles, we will be able to recycle them.

You must not have previously fixed the floor or substrate with any adhesive substances, and they must be free from other elements which would prevent recycling. This includes oils, grease, and foreign objects such as screws or nails.

Do I have to package up my floor tiles before you collect them?

Yes, please carefully package your tiles to ensure our courier can safely collect your used floor tiles.

Box them up or put them on a wrapped pallet ready for transportation to us in Bedfordshire.

Can I arrange to deliver our used tiles back to Ecotile as we have a vehicle driving past and it will save an unnecessary courier journey?

It would be fantastic if you could deliver your used Ecotiles when you’re passing, helping both our businesses minimise our impact on the environment.

Just get in touch with our team and tell us when you’re on the way. We’re based just off Junction 11a of the M1.

Where are Ecotile based? We may be able to drop off our used tiles for recycling.

We’re based in Luton, Bedfordshire. We’re just 3 minutes off Junction 11a of the M1.

Get in touch with the team to discuss how we can get your old tiles back to us for recycling and jointly help create a more sustainable approach to business operations.

Will you lift my tiles for me?

Unfortunately, we cannot lift your tiles for you. That’s not a service we’re currently able to offer.

However, if you need someone to help you raise them ready to return them for recycling, we can give you details of our approved contractors around the UK for you to contact directly.

Do I need to clean my floor tiles before I return them?

Yes, you’ll need to clean your tiles before you return them. To ensure we can recycle them, they need to be clean (within reason – they’re industrial use floor tiles at the end of the day!) and free from oil, grease, adhesive, or screed contamination.

Can you recycle other floor tiles, other than Ecotile Original ones?

Unfortunately, we cannot recycle other floor tiles. We manufacture Ecotile Original floor tiles ourselves, knowing their exact composition.

Because of this, we know we can recycle them with 100% confidence and offer future customers guaranteed performance of our R500 recycled tile range.

We wouldn’t be able to say what nasties like copper wire etc. are in other loor tile products.

I have ESD floor tiles, can you recycle them?

Yes, we can recycle Ecotile ESD floor tiles. We are able to recycle all our Ecotile Original tiles, including our ESD range of floor tiles.

Some of my tiles were cut to fit around machinery, do you recycle incomplete tiles?

Yes, we sure do! As long as they are Ecotile Original interlocking floor tiles, we’re able to recycle them for you.

How will I receive payment when Ecotile buy-back my floor tiles?

Payment will be by BACS, following receipt of your floor tiles to our manufacturing facility in Bedfordshire.

Does Ecotile operate to environmental standards?

Yes, the Ecotile manufacturing facility in Bedfordshire and all our business processes operate to ISO14001 environmental management standards. We’re also ISO9001 accredited too

What happens to my tiles after you recycle them?

All Ecotile Original tiles go through a process of regrinding to their original state when they are returned to us.

We then use the materials (and only the materials – no nasties are added) to create our range of R500 industrial and commercial floor tiles. Ready to help another business solve their flooring challenges.

We don’t send any of your returned tiles to landfill – the whole tile, ramp, or off-cut is recycled and reused.

Can I buy recycled floor tiles from Ecotile?

Yes! You can purchase recycled floor tiles from us. We only use our own Ecotile Original floor tiles to make the R500 100% Recycled Tile.

So when we recycle tiles, the material only gets used to create more tiles, extending their useful working life.

Who recycles the floor tiles?

We recycle our own floor tiles. Ecotile has a recycling facility on-site in our Bedfordshire manufacturing facility. So we’re able to guarantee that 100% of your returned tiles will be recycled and turned into new R500 floor tiles. Zero to landfill. Not even the offcuts.

We will recycle 100% of the tiles you send back.

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