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Retail & Commercial Flooring

For Supermarkets to Showrooms. And everything in between.

Attract new customers and make a lasting impact with Ecotile’s retail and commercial flooring. Our modular interlocking floor tiles create the perfect backdrop to retail products and require minimal upkeep – even in busy stores with high footfall.

You’ll save time, money and hassle, as we can fit our modular retail flooring solution directly on top of the existing surface without using chemicals. There’s no need to wait for the floor to cure or dry, so your customers and employees can use it immediately.

We’ve demonstrated to hundreds of leading retailers that there’s no need to shut down their stores to renovate flooring. That’s why Ecotile is the go-to solution for John Lewis, TK Maxx and Homebase, to name a few.

Ecotile offers versatile flooring solutions for front of house, warehouse or storage areas, offices and rest areas.

Ecotile Infinity Tiles In shop

Decorative Floor Tiles For Front Of House

Ecotile Infinity Tiles are a modular, more convenient alternative to LVT and sheet vinyl. They offer an exceptional aesthetic finish for retail and commercial premises, with the added benefits of strength, durability and rapid no-fuss installation.

Ecotile Commercial Flooring

Available in 10 realistic stone, ceramic or traditional wood effect finishes, Infinity floor tiles are designed to create the perfect environment for your customers.

Storage Areas & High Traffic Floor Tiles

Ecotile products stand the test of time (10+ years) and look great all year round. Constant foot traffic and the use of trolleys, pushchairs, wheelchairs and dollies are all a breeze for Ecotile. They don’t delaminate or crack with wear and tear, and the colour never fades.

Our E500 floor tiles are made from high-quality PVC and they’re designed for use in heavy-duty industrial areas. They’re perfect for back of house storage areas, warehouses and loading bays. 

Back of house storage area

Simple to Maintain. Easy to Repair.

A basic floor care routine is all it takes to keep Ecotile’s high-performance commercial floor tiles clean. A mop and bucket with a neutral cleaning solution will suffice for small retail spaces. Employees and contractors can use a standard floor scrubber dryer in larger areas like supermarkets and shopping centres.

If you discover a damaged tile in your store, repairing it takes less than a minute. To replace a tile, simply lift it and put a new one in place – it’s considerably more convenient and less costly than removing the entire floor or making patch repairs!

Easy to Install

Our modular flooring solutions are incredibly easy to install, with no need for adhesives or specialist equipment. This means that you can quickly and easily transform your retail space without any disruption to your business operations. As soon as they’re installed, they’re ready to be used. There’s no drying or curing time with modular flooring.

Dark Grey Ecotile Industrial Flooring


Ecotile industrial floor tiles and Infinity floor tiles both have an R10 slip-resistant surface that provides excellent traction, even when wet. This makes them ideal for use in areas where spills are likely to occur, such as in food and drink outlets.

Environmentally Friendly

Ecotile industrial floor tiles are made from a high-quality virgin PVC material, which is designed to be durable and long-lasting. However, when it comes to the end of their useful life, Ecotile floor tiles can be fully recycled and repurposed, which makes them an environmentally friendly option for retail stores and other industrial settings.

Strong Retail Flooring, Engineered to Last.

Ecotile industrial floor tiles or Infinity tiles are the perfect choice for retail stores. They offer a range of benefits that make them an ideal flooring option for busy, high-traffic environments. If you’re looking for a durable, easy-to-maintain flooring solution that will provide excellent value for money, then Ecotile modular flooring is the way to go.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help transform your retail space with Ecotile commercial and retail floor tiles.


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