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The Biteo Collection – Ecotile Infinity

Introducing Ecotile infinity

A modular, more convenient alternative to LVT and sheet vinyl. Infinity tiles offer a strong, durable and rapidly installed commercial flooring solution. Choose from 10 realistic stone, ceramic or traditional wood effect finishes to create your perfect environment.

Modular & Quick to Install

Install in sections to keep your business operating.

Quick Maintenance

Easy to remove and replace tiles.

100% Recyclable

Long lasting and fully recyclable.

Tough & Durable

Durable and supports fork or pallet trucks.

Slip Resistant

R10 slip rating to keep your customers safe.

Hidden Joint

Hidden interlocking joint for a seamless look.

Elevate Your Commercial Space with Infinity Tiles

The name Infinity perfectly captures the essence of this range of floor tiles. Seamlessly interlocking together to create a continuous surface. No more dirty grout lines disrupting the beauty of your commercial space – just endless sophistication and durability.

Whether you’re bringing a new area to life, or giving your existing space a makeover, Infinity floor tiles offer the ideal solution. Their versatility and adaptability make them suitable for supermarkets, restaurants, retail outlets, front of house areas, healthcare facilities, and an infinite number of other commercial spaces.

Ecotile Infinity Tiles In shop

Aesthetic Brilliance Meets Durability

Wave goodbye to the frustrating limitations of traditional LVT and sheet vinyl, and embrace the boundless potential of our innovative modular design.

You can install Infinity tiles quicker and easier than commercial vinyl, lino and heavy ceramic tiles.  The interlocking joints simply tap together, creating a long-lasting finish that will help you impress and attract new customers for years to come.

It’s completely modular and can be fitted in sections directly over your existing floor. So there’s no need to shut down the area (you can install them overnight).

Inifinity Tiles Cement Store

Stays Clean with Minimal Effort

Infinity floor tiles are the perfect blend of style and functionality. Their concealed interlocking joints make maintenance and cleaning a breeze. Time to say goodbye to hours spent cleaning floors, and hello to a hassle-free maintenance routine. Infinity Tiles provide a consistently immaculate appearance, no matter how big or small your floor space.

But that’s not all. Our Infinity floor tiles can be sealed (sealer sold seperately) to create a liquid-tight hidden joint, so you can contain spills and keep your premises safe and clean. Perfect for high-traffic areas where accidental spillages are inevitable. 

How They’re Made (The Super Simple Version)

The certified production process allows us to produce extremely realistic imitations of wood and stone. The design is bonded together with a multilayered tile structure, resulting in exceptional strength and durability. The fibreglass reinforced PVC back ensures that every tile retains it’s precise shape and dimensions.

Our one-of-a-kind printing technology produces an authentic and natural look across the whole surface of your floor. The surface is coated with Protectonite® PU, a protective polyurethane layer to help reduce scratches, stains and dirt.

These unique production processes make Infinity tiles stronger, more durable and easier to install compared to other vinyl coverings. 

Convenience Stores

Hotel Lobbies




Front of House



Public Areas

Not Just for Light Duty Use

Infinity is engineered to support high-traffic environments, including supermarkets and large wholesale stores. Its fibreglass PVC structure ensures it can withstand pallet trucks, pump trucks and forklifts with ease.

Ecotile Infinity can be used in a wide range of commercial environments, from healthcare facilities to shopping centres, and everything inbetween.

Infinity tiles with truck

Take The Next Step Towards Infinity

Looking for an incredibly convenient commercial flooring solution that can help you gain a competitive edge? 

Finish: 10 designs available
Material: Fibreglass reinforced PVC
Joint: Hidden Joint
Dimensions: 66 cm x 33 cm (Planks) or 61 cm x 61 cm (Tile)

Ecotile Infinity Tile, Different Sizes
Thickness: 8.2mm
Weight: 11kg/m2
Surface Treatment: Protectonite (PUR)
Slip Resistance: R10
Thickness of Wear Layer: R Value – 1.58
Sound Insulation Properties: Up to 46db
Fire Rating: Bfl-S1


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