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Wet Area & Swimming Pool Flooring

Bergo Flooring is the ideal choice for swimming pool flooring.  Swimming pools, wet areas and changing rooms must meet sanitation guidelines and should be durable, comfortable and safe. At the same time, facilities want pools and wet areas to look beautiful and bespoke.  Ecotile can meet both of these needs and provide an easy to maintain pool surround staying true to a facility’s aesthetic. Our attractive yet functional interlocking tiles will ensure everyone can enjoy themselves without risk of slipping or falling on hard concrete or ceramic tiles.

Bergo is designed to be an all in one tile perfect for Leisure Centres, Theme Parks, Spa hotels, resorts, health clubs and spas, water parks, leisure or school swimming pools, urban high rise building amenities, or home pools.

Points to Consider for Swimming Pool Flooring

Pool surrounds should require minimal maintenance to keep up a great appearance. The flooring surrounding your pool should create a clean environment that is friendly to bare-feet – these factors are increasingly important and will be considered by health inspectors and facility managers.

Our wet area and swimming pool flooring is manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene. They are moulded into 380 mm x 380 mm (7 per m2) tiles that can be interlocked together to create a durable floor. All of our tiles are quick and easy to install and are available in a range of eye-pleasing colours should you wish to create zones, walkways or patterns. The tiles are designed with an open grid surface that allows water to drain through so pools of run-off water do not collect and pose a risk of slipping. An additional safety feature is the material itself – polypropylene provides a comfortable yet grippy anti-slip surface with an R10 rating. As all of our swimming pool flooring is UV stabilised, it is non staining and will not fade in colour over time.

The practical interlocking tile system means installation is simple and long-term maintenance is minimal – something to consider when you want to keep guests happy and keep your pool open. Polypropylene is a tough material but if you do need to replace a tile it will only takes a couple of minutes. You can also alter the layout easily.
So relax and enjoy the swimming pool safe in the knowledge that Bergo is ventilating the substrate, absorbing noise and keeping users safe and comfortable.

All these benefits are just as important in the changing rooms so why not use them there too? Our tiles are perfect for indoor and outdoor wet areas where people need a safe and comfortable surface to walk on.

  • Exterior grade, UV resistant
  • No weak areas that promote mold or mildew growth
  • Ability to patch and repair individual tiles
  • No Adhesives Required


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