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Why More Customers Are Creating Ecotile Test Areas

Ecotile Test Area

Addressing procurement fears during uncertain times

The months approaching the end of the tax year is often the time for businesses to focus their attention on controlling costs. Whilst this year will be no different, it will be set against a global backdrop of increasing uncertainty, which will no doubt see purchasing and waste reduction the topic of many meetings.

Considering many businesses were gearing up to push on after the pandemic, increased uncertainty is going to require a more considered procurement balancing act. Essential spend, that which safeguards employees, meets health & safety requirements, or enables essential production is a necessity. Increasing performance through enhancements to a business is less clear cut. But what these both have in common is the need to get it right first time. Wasting valuable budget isn’t an option.

Why staggered procurement offers benefits to businesses

Spending on items, new systems or projects which don’t deliver the desired results is a constant challenge. That’s a key issue we’re facing in business – uncertainty.

“Am I making the right decision? What if it doesn’t perform as we need it to? How will this reflect on me if the boss doesn’t like it?”

Thorough research before committing is always good practice. Reading reviews and talking to other users helps increase confidence. Social proofing increases our chances of choosing the right option, reducing the chances of having to explain to business leaders why things didn’t pan out as advertised.

In our business we’re seeing a pattern of customers needing new flooring for their premises but wanting to be ultra-sure before committing to the full project. Trial areas, test areas and ordering in stages are increasingly popular, and rightly so.

Many British manufacturing sites have extremely large floor areas, with a safe work environment needing investment. Warranties offer plenty of comfort to decision makers, but there can still be that desire to show leaders or budget holders the product in action, working and adding value to the business’ operations. Approval at this stage makes the investment a joint decision based on first-hand knowledge and experience – two great gauges we can lean on for decision making comfort.

Pilot schemes are helping to mobilise projects

Ecotile is well suited for pilot area trials. Its flexible, modular system makes it easy to install in sections. We’re seeing manufacturers identify work zone priorities and areas to install new flooring first. This decision is made easier when specifying Ecotile, as it’s simple to expand into additional areas when ready. That’s the key point during uncertain times. Not committing to full project expenditure up front if you don’t need to. Address the most pressing needs and issues first, safer in the knowledge that phase 2 can be completed later, without any additional disruption to your operations.

Where businesses strive to instil ‘treat every penny as if it were your own’ to their employees, some of our customers are discovering that pilot areas are the perfect way to demonstrate the new floors performance to senior management and budget holders. Enhancing their safety flooring in stages is helping them spread the investment, keeping costs under tighter control during greatly increased economic uncertainty.

If you’re still debating whether to invest in new flooring for your premises, installing an initial trial area could help give your project some traction.

For a quick price for a pilot floor area in your premises, contact one of our team or find out more at www.ecotileflooring.com 

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