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Service rated highly in Trustpilot reviews

Customer service rated excellent in Trustpilot reviews!

We’re delighted to see that so many of our customers received excellent customer service! Many thanks to all our customers who left reviews on Trustpilot last month and congratulations to Mr Phil Cottle who won the monthly raffle and received his £5.00 Starbucks gift card. This is a new initiative to encourage all our customers […]

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The Value and Potential Of The Female Engineer

It’s the year 2017, A time where constant financial, political and environmental concerns are reaching absurd and rather distressful heights. From a personal standpoint, and one which has been the centre of a lot of global topics is one’s place in the world based on either their gender, sex or ethnicity. More and more people […]

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The Entrepreneur in Both The Young And Old.

A decade ago saw the biggest financial crash since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. With it brought a huge shift in consumer, corporate and community behaviour. Especially amongst Generations Y(aka The Millienials) and the now upcoming Z. Attitudes started to shift away from the tried and true, more mainstream ways of marketing and producing […]

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What we can learn from Brexit about Integrity

As we’ve all witnessed from the “strong and stable” charade that is Theresa May’s conquest to leave the EU, Brexit has shown how counting one’s eggs before they hatch can have disastrous effects. Not only can it ruin your reputation but financially cost you drastically. What started off as a valiant effort to bring the […]

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