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Ecotile Loma manufacturing

Loma manufacture equipment for the food production industry and their processes involved lots of metal cutting, welding and fabricating. They required a hardwearing floor surface that would help minimise dust and dirt and that was easy to clean and maintain. The Ecotile flooring Co. installed over 1400 sq metres of ecotile in 2000 in light grey for the production areas and blue to identify the gangways, a colour scheme that matched the company’s corporate image and the floor has proven a great success and excellent value for money putting an end to the constant cycle of repainting the floors every shut down or before important customers visit. On average the customer was painting their factory floor once or twice a year at a cost of £8 to £10 per m² dependant on overtime rates. ecotile was supplied and installed for £32.50/m² delivering a pay back in less than two and half years and now well into profit with the floor still in daily use and looking as good 8 years later. The customer has extended the use of the tiles in both its UK factory and also its new facility in Eastern Europe.