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Halfords Distribution Centre

Ecotile-Halfords Distribution Centre

How Ecotile flooring improved the environment for both workers and their stock

Halfords distribution centre is a vast and busy work environment with people and stock moving around the building all the time.

What did we do?

We installed our Ecotile warehouse floor tiles over the cold, hard concrete flooring that was previously in situ.

We also installed Ecotile flooring on a timber mezzanine decking that was being damaged by repeated impact of neoprene wheels from the multitudes of trolleys and pallet trucks that pass across the floor every day.

How did this help?

This created a much warmer and more comfortable working environment for Halfords’ staff working within the packing areas.

Noise levels were reduced considerably between the different levels of the mezzanine and an overall more comfortable and productive working environment was established.

Furthermore staff reported a significant reduction in overall levels of dust and dirt covering boxes of stock that were waiting for dispatch to their UK network of shops.

Who is Halfords?

Halfords is one of the UK and Ireland’s leading automotive enhancement retailers. They specialise in car accessories and car parts, as well as camping equipment, touring accessories and bicycles.

They are a FTSE 250 indexed company and have been operating widely in the UK since the 1850s. They are and remain one of Great Britain’s most easily recognisable high street retail brands.