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Nissan Parts Distribution Centre

garage flooring

We helped Nissan to create a smart, clean and efficient space for their workforce

The brief…

We were asked to create a flooring solution for Nissan Parts Distribution Centre. Nissan required additional space and built an extension over what had previously been part of the lorry park.

The problem…

The floor was made up of a number of concrete slabs with a tamped concrete finish. The slabs where uneven and as the surface had originally been designed as a yard there were no DPM.

The facility experiences very high levels of fork lift truck traffic with trucks lifting and moving metal stillages and heavy plastic pallets.

The solution…

We used a waterproof levelling compound to even out the height difference between the slabs and then loose laid Ecotile industrial floor tiles over the top.

The facility is now an efficient, warm and safe place for Nissan’s employees to work.