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DeWalt & Robert Bosch

Ecotile-Dewalt & Robert Bosch

How use of our tiles – as part of a marketing campaign – helped increase sales by 25%

In the competitive market of power tools the major players are always looking for different ways to gain some advantage and stand above their rivals.

Global power tool brands Bosch and DeWalt decided to test a new strategy by launching an exciting new “shop in shop” concept.

To achieve this, the brands supplied retailers up and down the UK with their own stands on which to display the power tool giants’ market leading products. A key part of this installation was the addition of a unique Ecotile floor that incorporated either the Bosch or Dewalt logos.

The participating hardware retailers reported back that the experiment had seen an average uplift of 25% in sales for these products.

Additionally stores reported an increase in consumer satisfaction with the addition of the units. They reported that the look and feel of the power tool installation greatly improved the look and feel of the shop floor and acted as a great marketing tool.

Who is Bosch?

Bosch is one of the world’s largest manufacturers, specialising in car components, industrial products and household appliances.

Their power tools are amongst the most widely used and highly regarded in the world.

Who is DeWalt

DeWalt are a worldwide brand of power tools for both the domestic and industrial markets. They have been making and selling world class power tools for over 90 years.

It is a subsidiary of the world renowned Black & Decker organisation.

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