Exmel Solutions

Exmel New Esd Floor

Exmel Solutions is a leading ESD and electronic consumables supplier located in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire in Scotland. Their range of products include benches, vision systems, torque drivers, packaging, hand tools and Ecotile ESD floor tiles. Exmel Solutions

What was the application?

Location: Production, office and storage areas, North Lanarkshire
Size of area covered: 900m2 of hidden joint standard tiles and 7mm ESD over 12 months

Why did Exmel choose Ecotile?

“We were searching for new flooring ideas and solutions that offered quality, flexibility and cost effectiveness.
The Ecotile looked good, it was easy to fit and came in a competitive cost and therefore ticked all the boxes.”

How did it go?

“We had a concrete floor which was pretty level and therefore had no issues in laying the Ecotile floor.The installation was quick and painless, if planned out properly it takes no time and little effort to lay a great floor. If we decide to change the area, it is also easy enough to lift the floor and move it.

Ecotile exceeded our expectations and we will be using it again

-Gerard Smyth, Managing Director, Exmel Solutions”

Market-leading manufacturer of interlocking floor tiles, Ecotile, designs and produces its comprehensive range at its UK production facility – providing durable and safe flooring solutions that can be installed with minimal disruption in commercial and industrial applications around the world.

“Working with Exmel Solutions Ltd, we identified the Ecotile 7mm ESD and the 6mm hidden joint tiles as the most appropriate products for this facility.

The clean, loose lay of Ecotiles means that the installation process is fast and simple – with minimal downtime. Ecotiles can be installed without the need for a damp proof membrane, screed or adhesive – significantly reducing VOC emissions, installation time and cost.

Our products are injection moulded using compound that demonstrates excellent wear characteristics, chemical resistance and stable electrical properties; easy to clean, durable and hard-wearing, the tiles are very low maintenance.”

James Gedye, CEO & Founder, Ecotile

Ecotile 7mm tiles come with a 10 year product warranty as standard.

Manufactured using the highest grade material, once the tiles have reached the end of their useful life, we will collect the tiles – free of charge – and recycle them to produce the next generation of Ecotile.