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Using Ecotile Flooring to Implement the 5S Methodology

5s In The Workplace

The 5S methodology originated in Japan and was first implemented by the Toyota Motor Corporation. The methodology was developed as a way to make just in time (JIT) manufacturing possible. This type of manufacturing intends to produce only the amount of a product that is needed, when it is needed.

5S consists of 5 stages that are repeated in order to constantly improve efficiency and safety. Ecotile interlocking floor tiles make the implementation of 5S in the workplace easy because they allow for flexibility – if you need to change the layout to improve efficiency or safety the tiles allow you to do that.

What are the Benefits of the 5s Methodology?

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Safety
  • Reduction in Waste
  • Worker Commitment
  • Ability to adapt quickly to new business opportunities

How Does it Work?


SORT through all items in a location and remove all unnecessary items. This will reduce time loss looking for an item and reduce the chance of distraction by unnecessary items. It simplifies inspection, increases the amount of available, useful space and increases safety by eliminating obstacles. Ecotile enables companies to continuously streamline their operations as the floor can be adapted as they become more efficient.


SET IN ORDER by putting all necessary items in the optimal place for fulfilling their function in the workplace to make the workflow smooth and easy.

Floor marking proves invaluable here, as it helps to create discrete locations for tools, materials, and anything else a worker may need. Outlining the position of objects in a workspace ensures that they’ll find their way back in the event that they need to be used elsewhere in the facility. The Ecotile interlocking system means the floor can quickly be altered to reflect new layouts and the different colours and textures available make it obvious at a glance what space is allocated to a particular object.

Ecotile Helps Create 5s Methodology


SHINE involves sweeping or cleaning and inspecting the workplace, tools and machinery on a regular basis. It improves the production process efficiency and safety, reduces waste and prevents errors and defects.

Floor marking can aid in these efforts by clearly blocking off areas for cleaning, storage, transit, and any other task that may occur in the workspace. Also, a good quality floor encourages good maintenance and makes it easy to see if something needs attention.


STANDARDISE the processes used to sort, order and clean the workplace and establish procedures and schedules to ensure the repetition of the first three ‘S’ practices.

Thoughtful floor marking is useful here as it creates a vibrant, visual reminder of the processes that have been created, and the need to keep the workspace in order.


SUSTAIN means ensuring that the 5S methodology is followed. This is done through organising training sessions and performing regular audits to ensure that all defined standards are being implemented and followed. Improvements should be implemented whenever possible; these are likely to be identified by workers following the processes. When issues arise, identify their cause and implement the changes necessary to avoid recurrence

Ecotile Floor Markings in Cobham

The floor marking you have placed as part of the prior four pillars serve as unmistakable reminders of a facility’s ongoing 5S efforts, and, in turn, keep workers and management focused on proactive maintenance and improving efficiency when possible. Using the Ecotile interlocking tile system ensures it is easy to change the layout of the floor when required.  This means the 5S methodology will be followed enthusiastically and the benefits will be obvious to everyone responsible for implementing it.


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