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Moisture Related Floor Damage: What It Is & How To Stop It

Damp and moisture rising through concrete floors, screeds and substrates can be a significant problem for any development. It is often the cause of damage to carpets and floor coverings such as resin, wooden floors and sheet vinyl. In many cases damp-proof membranes are required before installing a new floor on top of concrete. Let’s take a look at some of the common problems with Moisture:

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Is ‘Specialist Flooring’ the next step for Ecotile?

For 22 years, Ecotile Flooring has been responsible for providing industrial engineering firms, factories, storage warehouses and sport & fitness centres with safe, reliable and adaptable specialist flooring that not only improves productivity but also looks great. We’ve even been given two awards by the Queen. So what is next for Ecotile? A couple of […]

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