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How PVC Industrial Flooring Can Help You Comply With HSE Regulations

Safety message in warehouse

Workplace injuries are on the rise, with 565,0000 non-fatal injuries reported in 2022, a significant increase of 27% from 2021. So, how can a 500mm industrial floor tile help businesses comply with HSE regulations? In more ways than you’d probably imagine is the short answer. Let us explain. The main purpose of HSE regulations in the workplace is to ensure the prevention of injuries, illnesses and deaths. Essentially making and ensuring there are set standards in place to ensure your employee’s safety. Working environments obviously offer up many dangers, especially where manufacturing is involved. So let’s take a look at some specific areas and delve a little deeper into how Ecotile floor tiles meet criteria and provide you with multiple solutions to your HSE regulations.

Eliminating uneven surfaces, trip hazards and protecting your floor

When looking for a flooring solution for your warehouse or factory, one of the main qualities you look for is its ability to withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic. Without protection, concrete floors crack and chip. These erode into larger holes that make the surface uneven and provide trip hazards or if large enough can easily make loaded forklift trucks dangerously unstable, especially when carrying full loads. Ecotile removes all of these dangers. Once holes and cracks have been filled in, our tiles provide an even surface that can withstand heavy vehicle traffic and its R10 slip rating means no more losing your footing. All of this whilst protecting the floor underneath from further damage.

Fire Safety

Regular fire safety risk assessments are an important part of every employer’s health and safety processes. Ecotile takes the worry out of flooring risk assessments. One of the many qualities of our tiles is fire safety. They are flame retardant (Bfl-s1) and because they release less combustion heat than other plastic floor coverings, they also help prevent fire from spreading.

Ecotile vs Competitor fire test

Employee Comfort

Working on concrete floors all day presents its own comfort challenges; they’re cold, hard and unforgiving on your joints. Ecotile offers help here to. Laying our tiles over concrete floors provides a layer of insulation. It reduces noise pollution and is much better on the joints (we even have our own anti-fatigue tiles, perfect for workstations). Doing more than keeping the floor warm, Ecotile will greatly improve the air quality in your premises by trapping dust and dampness underneath which would otherwise be brought up during daily activity. Reflecting sunlight can cause accidents in numerous ways, but this can be stopped in an instant by Ecotile. Unlike paint or resin, Ecotile helps to reduce sunlight glare ensuring that visibility accidents are greatly reduced.

Safety Walkways & Zones

Here at Ecotile, we make it easy to create walkways and zones for safe navigation through your premises. Our modular flooring system and range of colours allow our customers to create clear demarcation zones, walkways and fire exit routes, thereby reducing the possibility of accidents between vehicles and people. Businesses can up their safety game even further by using floor sign tiles. These tiles feature every possibility of hazard and warning signs to make sure your employees and visitors are kept safe.

Ecotile Test Area


HSE regulations are there for the good of businesses and their employees. And working in conjunction with a whole host of suppliers and innovations, Ecotile’s industrial and commercial flooring can help you comply with HSE regulations. For enquiries into our product range, contact Ecotile today by calling
0800 802 1426 or emailing [email protected]

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