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A flooring solution for hardworking businesses that can be installed with no downtime, Ecotile Industrial Flooring is ISO9001 Certified and fully sustainable.Unlike industrial floor paint and other intrusive flooring solutions, Ecotile Industrial Flooring can be laid directly over almost any surface. Paint delamination, dust, damp or contamination problems are all removed.

We leave you with a warm, dust free, easy-to-maintain and (above all) a tough flooring solution; powering your business from the ground up for many years to come. Our interlocking floor tiles are made from a combination of recycled PVC pellets and other hard-wearing compounds.

They insulate and protect, providing a safe and toxic-free alternative to the epoxy resin, polyurethane and polished concrete floors of old.

No more cold damp floors, no more hazardous working environments, no more messy installations and costly use of unnecessary, dirty building materials like screeds, adhesives and damp-proof membranes.

That’s why forward thinking industrial clients across Europe from BMW to Royal Mail are choosing to work with Ecotile Industrial Flooring to deliver a healthier, happier and more efficient working environment for their teams.

We manufacture all of our industrial floor tiles at our ISO9001 accredited production plant in Luton, England.

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Customised designs to optimise workflow and improve safety

Our industrial floor tiles can be customised and branded with your own colour schemes and/or company logos. We also provide bespoke designs to allow for colour coded walkways and zonal markings. They are often used to improve workforce safety and have been used by Royal Mail amongst overs for this very purpose.

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Smart flooring design for the toughest industrial applications

Our industrial flooring solutions are built to withstand the very toughest working environments. HGVs, fork-lift trucks and heavy machinery can operate with confidence as our tiles are more than capable of dealing with continuous heavy duty usage.

Available in four different surface textures and a wide variety of colours, they can be purchased in a traditional open joint design or a smart hidden joint design.

We also manufacture specialist ESD (electrostatic discharge) anti-static and ergonomic tiles. These are made with copper wiring inside the mould that collects and transports electrostatic energy away from the floor surface and safely into the earth. It creates a much safer working environment and is an essential safety component for anyone working with combustible materials.

Made using a unique injection mould design

Ecotile interlocking floor tiles are made using ergonomic injection moulded compounds. The compounds we use have exceptional wear characteristics, chemical resistance, long term stability and stable electrical properties. The durability of our tiles are second to none and are suitable for use by fork-lift trucks, pallet trucks, HGV’s, cars and high volume pedestrian traffic.

Ecotile flooring solutions have a proven track record in busy facilities including factories, computer server rooms, retail outlets, schools, colleges, commercial garages, workshops and public leisure buildings.

A unique environmentally sustainable industrial flooring solution

We manufacture our tiles in the UK using the highest quality raw materials. We use a combination of recycled and virgin materials. Our interlocking system means there is no need for environmentally unfriendly glues, screeds or latex.

They are 100% recyclable with a projected lifespan of 20 years. Once they reach the end of their life cycle we will remove them free of charge, and recycle them. This will then fuel the next generation of Ecotiles.

Click here for full details of our environmental credentials.

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