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Wye Fruit Limited Case Study


Wye Fruits new extended packing facility in Ledbury

Putting Ecotile at the Core of Our Packing Facility

Set up as a grower co-operative in 1963, Wye Fruit Limited occupies an 8-acre site in Ledbury, Herefordshire. Growing a host of quality British fruits using sustainable farming methods, Wye Fruit also provides a full storage, packing and distribution facility for its members. Helping move their fruits smoothly and quickly from orchard to supermarket.

When they recently needed to expand into an additional section of their packing facility, an old, worn floor needed addressing.

Terry Baldwin, Facilities Manager at Wye Fruit explained.

Terry Baldwin, Facilities Manager at Wye Fruit Limited in Ledbury, Herefordshire“We have a large grading and packing operation for our growers, where we are continually investing in advanced technology to ensure we continue to evolve and meet customer specifications and expectations. As business has increased, we have expanded the number of lines we operate to meet growing demand”.

“The area in which we were looking to establish an additional processing line had an old bitumen floor, which had dried out considerably over time. We identified the need to create a more suitable working environment and contacted Ecotile again. We have used their products previously in our other packing areas and know they’re robust enough for the constant use they’ll be subjected to”.

When specifying a new line within our pack-house facility, keeping the floor clean and providing a safe, comfortable environment for our team are key considerations. We selected Ecotile’s 7mm graphite tiles and used black and yellow tiles to mark out a checked warning zone at the entrance to the area. We use warning zones to highlight fork truck entry points and increase safety for our team who operate within the facility.

Stacked fruit boxes moved in the Wye Fruit packing area, using a handheld pallet truck, operated on Ecotile interlocking floor tiles

The Ecotile flooring is extremely robust and must withstand constant forklift use. We are frequently driving pallets full of fruit into the facility for washing, grading, and packing before onward distribution to our customers.

As a British fruit grower co-operative, we also appreciate the fact that Ecotile is a British manufacturer, which fits into our sustainability vision by using UK suppliers wherever possible.

“We’ve worked with Ecotile for over 4 years now and have built a great relationship with our account manager Richard. He understands our business needs, and whenever we need to upgrade a floor at our Ledbury site, he’s always able to help us achieve it”.

To find out more about Wye Fruit Limited, visit their website

Wye Fruit Limited selected E500 Industrial Interlocking Floor Tiles in Graphite, Black and Yellow.

They finished the flooring with yellow ramps for increased visibility and the safety of their workforce.

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