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Clients & Testimonials

Welcome to our clients and testimonials section.

We supply industrial flooring to some of the most demanding businesses in the UK and Europe. We are proud to be trusted by so many well-known brands and businesses.

Companies choose Ecotile because we produce versatile industrial level flooring that combines strength and versatility with smart design. Companies love our commitment to providing sustainable and environmental solutions. Despite our eco-friendly solutions,  we never compromise on quality or convenience.

Our tiles and flooring solutions have never failed at their job. Who would of thought that you could make strong, durable and sustainable tiles from recyclable PVC? We did, and now our customers know just how versatile our product is too!

We have put together this section so we can share our excellent feedback and track record with the rest of the world. We could spend hours telling you about the unique properties of our tiles and convince you we are  the right choice. However, we think hearing it from our customers is a lot more relatable and effective.

We hope that our commercial flooring testimonials speak for themselves.

Here are some of our latest flooring testimonials:

Loma Manufacturing
DeWalt and Robert Bosch
Martin Baker Aircraft

Our team have provided commercial flooring solutions for a wide range of companies across Europe and we are ISO9001 Certified, so please contact us you have any questions on (+44) 01582 788232 or get in touch via email.

Ecotile Loma manufacturing

Loma Manufacturing

We have been extremely happy with our Ecotiles, they are very hardwearing and durable and have provided us with a safe low maintenance floor for many years. Our products can be sensitive to dust and Ecotile eliminated that problem for us. When the time comes we expect to sell back our old tiles to Ecotile to offset the cost of a new floor from them.

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Ecotile-Dewalt & Robert Bosch

DeWalt & Robert Bosch

In the fiercely competitive market of power tools the major players were always looking to gain an advantage. Bosch and Dewalt created a “shop in shop” concept were they supplied the retailer with display stands and a bespoke ecotile floor incorporating the Bosch or Dewalt logo.

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Ecotile-Halfords Distribution Centre

Halfords Distribution Centre

A vast and busy distribution centre where we installed ecotile over the cold and hard concrete floor to create a warmer and more comfortable work surface for the staff working within the packing areas. We also installed ecotile on the timber mezzanine decking to protect the wooden floor which was being damaged by the neoprene wheels on the trolleys and pallet trucks.

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Ecotile Clients

“Hard to improve on, perfect service” S.Bird – Nexsan Technology

“Installation was faultless, the whole experience was painless and the installer worked around existing staff to enable production to continue” A. Mcleod – Texcel Technology

“Affordable, quality product which is hardwearing and attractive” D. Gordge – S G Petch

“I’d recommend Ecotile – accurate quoting, dedicated visits, can work when factory was running, good follow up post-install” S. Allen – West Control Instruments

“We had excessive damp issues. We chose Ecotile not just because of the technical spec but also the environmental aspect and the ease of installation” J. Callahan – Akzo Nobel

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