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Royal Mail give Ecotile Flooring stamp of approval

The UK’s designated Universal Postage Provider – the Royal Mail Group – gave Ecotile its stamp of approval to carry out a flooring installation programme in order to deliver improved safety and wellbeing for their workforce.

The Challenge

Royal Mail’s vision is to be recognised as the best delivery company in the UK and across Europe.

The health and safety of its people is the Royal Mail Group’s number one priority.  Working closely with the Communications Workers Union, representing 250,000 people in postal, telecommunications and financial services industries in the UK – the business is committed to building a world-class health and safety culture throughout the Royal Mail Group.

Location: Royal Mail Distribution Centre, Hemel Hempstead

1.        Royal Mail needed a robust, easy to maintain industrial flooring solution that could deliver a range of safety benefits including designated walkways around their Distribution Centre

2.       It was important to be able to deploy warning logos and safety instructions as well as branding and welcome messages

3.       The business also required a flooring system that would provide anti-fatigue properties and improved acoustics in order to create a more comfortable working environment


The Solution

Market-leading manufacturer of interlocking floor tiles, Ecotile, designs and produces its comprehensive range at its UK production facility – providing durable and safe flooring solutions that can be installed with minimal disruption in commercial and industrial applications around the world.

“Our interlocking floor tiles are frequently chosen for flooring projects within warehousing and distribution centres as they offer some important benefits to this hard working sector.  Working with the Royal Mail Group, we identified the Ecotile 7mm tile as the most appropriate solution to our client’s flooring challenges.

We were able to quickly and efficiently install Ecotiles – without downtime – as the clean, loose lay of Ecotiles means that the installation process is fast and simple.  The floor can be installed without the need for a damp proof membrane, screed or adhesive – significantly reducing VOC emissions, installation time and cost.

Working with the Royal Mail Group, we have designed-in some important safety benefits including highly visible signs and messages.  Furthermore, we were able to employ the same techniques to deliver company logo tiles and customer messages.”

James Gedye, Managing Director, Ecotile

Our Distribution Centres are home to a significant number of our employees and their health and wellbeing is critical to us.

The added-value safety features that we have been able to include as a result of our flooring choice have been outstanding.   With Ecotile, we were able to develop colour-coded walkways and vehicle lanes as well as pedestrian crossings.  We have created safe-distance chevrons every 3m and also installed yellow and black ramp sections in order to moderate vehicle speed.

Furthermore, Ecotile floor tiles provide a very comfortable work surface underfoot, delaying the onset of worker fatigue.  The acoustics within the building have also been significantly improved.

We have also been able to address our customers via our flooring choice with branded logo tiles and welcome messages.

In partnership with Ecotile, we have been able to significantly improve the safety of our teams and have enhanced their day to day working environment, as well as adding impact to our customer facing areas.”

John Bedi, Manager, Royal Mail


A Sustainable Solution

All Ecotiles come with a 10 year product warranty as standard.

Manufactured using the highest grade material, once the tiles have reached the end of their useful life, we will collect the tiles – free of charge – and recycle them to produce the next generation of Ecotile.

To understand the benefits that Ecotile can deliver to  your warehousing facility, please call (+44) 01582 788232 or email [email protected]

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