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Alatas Crane Services

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Established in 1988, Alatas Crane Services Worldwide has built an outstanding reputation providing crane owners with an extensive range of bespoke services and parts solutions. Operating from global service stations across Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East, Alatas offer their expertise across the marine and offshore industries as well as in ports, shipyards, and construction.

Alatas are specialists in the repair and testing of hydraulic pumps and motors, actuators and complete system overhauls and offer high quality, cost-effective engineering, and hydraulic solutions

When their UK Engineering Workshop, based in Bradford, West Yorkshire required a flooring solution for their new automation area, Engineer Toby Caunce had some options to consider.

The Challenge

“We needed to create a brand-new area within our existing premises to enable a team of engineers to work independently from existing workspaces. We needed it to be a multi-purpose area, where we could bring customers to see our operation, and one which was still practical for engineering use as well.


One of the key elements to the specification was the need to control static within the area. As we use and are handling expensive components in many of our solutions, we need anti-static measures to prevent costly damage”.

Considering Options

Alatas researched various floor types including resin, paint, and industrial floor tiles for their project as they sought to enhance their existing bare concrete floor. After searching different options, they chose Ecotile, As Toby explained:

“We found the Ecotile flooring to be robust, the samples were strong and well made. They offered over 10 years warranty for performance, which offered us longevity for our outlay, making it much more cost effective than alternative solutions”.


“A key element we were really drawn to was being able to integrate ESD floor tiles with non-ESD tiles in the same area. We need to control the static around our engineers’ workstations, but our new central customer area doesn’t require protection from static discharge. This enabled us to save money on the overall project rather than creating a controlled program for the whole area, just protecting the areas where we specifically needed to”.

Alatas chose both tiles in dark grey to ensure a consistent look to the flooring. Static around the workstations is controlled via a grounded stud tile, ensuring a smooth, consistent, and controlled flow of static charge away from the component handling zones.

The area was finished with yellow ramp edges to provide a clear, safe visual prompt for visitors and employees at entry points to the new area.


“I was really pleased with the efficiency from survey right through to installation. The install team not only set up the static controlled area but also tested it thoroughly to ensure it provided a traceable path to ground. Which gives us peace of mind when we’re handling expensive components. And we’ve now got a clean and well-presented area to bring our customers in to, where first impressions and comfort are important, even within a working, engineering environment”.

Alatas’ global crane support includes emergency breakdowns, repairs, technical support, inspections as well as spare parts supply, repairs, and training.

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