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TMD Technologies Ltd.


TMD Technologies Limited is a world leading manufacturer of microwave tubes, high voltage power supplies, and transmitters for Radar, EW, Communications, EMC RF testing, and other Laboratory applications. The company’s quality philosophy is to adopt and introduce best practice – as developed and taught by the leading experts in the field and the company seeks to instil quality awareness, together with a process of continuous improvement in all parts, and at all levels of the organisation.

Furthermore, TMD has a track record of being able to solve the most difficult technical challenges in transmitter, microwave amplifier, microwave tube and power supply design. This is because they are not only a manufacturing company but also a research and development establishment, answering the needs of the market with new product innovations.

This focus on quality and innovation exactly mirror Ecotile Flooring’s driving force and, in fact, both companies have won Queen’s Enterprise Awards for Innovation and International Sales proving they are natural partners. So when TMD needed new floors in their production corridors and laboratories Ecotile interlocking tiles were the obvious choice.

The “Pride in TMD” Initiative was the driving force behind refreshing the floors in the corridors as the painted concrete was looking tired and the floor was one of several improvements made to the working environment. In total 528m2 of the 7mm thick dark grey tiles were installed. E500/7 was chosen for this area as forklifts and pallet trucks occasionally cross the corridors so the 7mm tile allowed the flexibility to do this.

In the production areas 818m2 of 5mm thick ESD tiles were laid over the previous ESD floor. Benches were grounded and operatives used wrist straps but the installation of an improved ESD floor provides an additional layer of protection from static damage to ensure the preservation of sensitive electronic components and assemblies.

“We also had a quote to paint the factory corridor floor but while the materials were cheaper the overall price was the same as for Ecotile once you included the installation costs. When we factored in the superior life expectancy of Ecotile and realised that we wouldn’t have to impact production while the tiles were laid it was an easy decision.

We were very happy with the installation process as the project was completed in just under 3 weeks while we continued to work as normal, and so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ecotile Flooring.”

Paul Hymans, Technical Services Manager, TMD Technologies Limited

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