Low Maintenance Marine Flooring For Cruise Ships, Boats & Yachts.

Ecotile Lifestyle Marine is a multi-functional floor tile specifically designed for use in cruise ships, yachts and commercial ferries. Our maintenance free marine flooring is immune to the effects of heavy usage, severe water splash and extreme temperatures. Unlike traditional floor choices, Ecotile’s Marine Flooring can be used in laundry rooms, passenger balconies, engine rooms, around pools/slides and even in outdoor sports areas.

  • Conforms to relevant MED and IMO Standards.
    Tested against national marine flooring standards.
  • Never Fades, Splinters Or Warps.
    Resistant to sunlight, rain, snow and ice.
  • 100% Recyclable.
    Environmentally sustainable and easy to replace.
  • Loose Laid.
    No permanent fixtures, adhesives or nails required.
  • Manufactured In Europe.
    See it for yourself; visit our award winning factory.
  • In Business For Two Decades.
    A reputable ISO certified business.
  • Heavy Duty, Slip Resistant & Flame Retardant.
    A truly versatile solution.
  • 10 Years Warranty.
    Expected lifespan is 20 years +

Truly Maintenance Free.

Our marine flooring systems are made from fully recyclable UV-stabilised composite. Our manufacturing process ensures they never stain, rot, corrode, fade or weaken. Thanks to the heavily developed polypropylene composite, you can install them without the need for adhesives, varnishes, sealants or polishes.  Our product is one of the only truly maintenance free floor solutions for boats, yachts and cruise ships.

Ecotile Lifestyle Marine

IMO & MED Compliant

Certificate Number 0575/2016

Light Weight & Easy To Install

1 square metre of Lifestyle weighs just 4.7 kg. Installation is extremely easy as no specialist tools or adhesives are required. You can fit individual tiles together, or  we can supply you with pre-assembled sheets to make your life even easier. 

To install, simply tap together over any flat surface. To remove, use our removal tool to separate the tiles.

One Solution For The Whole Vessel

Lifestyle eradicates most of the complications typically associated with marine flooring. The tile has excellent resistance to harsh weather and temperature so that it can be in the most demanding environments.

  • Main Ship Deck
  • Engine Rooms
  • Passenger Balconies
  • On-board Pools & Saunas
  • Restaurants & Dining Areas
  • Rest Rooms & Changing Rooms
  • Chillers