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Outdoor, Leisure & Hospitality Flooring

A visitors experience at a leisure venue does not just involve the activities that take place their. The impact of the interior scheme and overall environment plays a huge role on a visitors first impression. A safe, stylish and smart floor can help you to provide the ultimate visitor experience.

Working in the hospitality industry is tough but can be very rewarding. Employers who want to get the best from their staff know it is in their interests to look after them and give them all the tools they need to be able to do the job to the best of their ability.

One of those tools that is often overlooked is flooring. No one thinks about it unless something goes wrong like a slip, trip or fall and in a busy kitchen, bar, club or restaurant an accident of that nature can have disastrous consequences.

Bergo floor tiles are the ideal floor covering for these challenging environments. It is very quick and easy to lay and is ready to use immediately, which is perfect for hospitality environments that cannot afford any downtime.

The tiles are anti-fatigue and anti-slip, both of which are essential requirements when you are on your feet all day and there is a high chance of liquids spilling on the floor. If this happens the drinks etc. will drain through the holes so the surface just needs to be wiped quickly to remove the residue. At the end of the shift, the tiles can be easily lifted to mop the floor underneath if necessary. Furthermore, glasses and bottles are much less likely to break on the Comfort tile than a hard surface.
Manufactured from polypropylene the Bergo range is extremely durable and also low maintenance as the modular system means individual tiles can be removed and replaced as required.

One of the most popular applications for the Bergo range is in cellars and basements. Located underground these rooms can be damp and dank and usually have a bare concrete floor which will be very cold. The majority of floor coverings would require expensive and time consuming preparation but Bergo can be laid directly on the substrate providing a safe surface on which to store stock.


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