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Winton Flooring win Kwik Fit contract with Ecotile

An Ecotile installed floor at Kwik Fit Cricklewood

Manchester based flooring contractors Winton Flooring have been in business for over 30 years and have become a leading company in the flooring industry. Their portfolio includes sports events and corporate attractions, private residential developments, schools and education, offices and commercial developments, hospitals and health centres, clean rooms and laboratories as well as contracts with some of the UK’s premier blue chip companies such as Kwik Fit, Unilever and Bentley Motors.

The Challenge

1. Kwik Fit needed a smart, durable, versatile floor covering that could be installed quickly over old painted concrete floors.

2. To best serve their customers Kwik Fit are constantly improving and innovating so they needed to be able to lift the floor and change its layout as they installed new machinery.

The Solution

Market-leading manufacturer of interlocking floor tiles, Ecotile, designs and produces its comprehensive range at its UK production facility – providing durable and safe flooring solutions that can be installed with minimal disruption in commercial and industrial applications around the world. When it comes to commercial garages of any size, our 7mm tiles provide the perfect flooring solution due to their weightbearing capabilities and professional finish. The range of colours available means that you can easily distinguish areas for safety and ease of movement with custom logo and safety tiles providing the finishing touch.

“Our interlocking floor tiles are the perfect solution to many of the challenges faced by flooring contractors. Damaged, damp and uneven substrates, limited time frames and tight budgets mean that sometimes traditional floor coverings just aren’t an option. Combine that with the client’s demands for a product that is durable, hardwearing, smart and easy to clean and Ecotile becomes the only viable solution.”


-James Gedye, Managing Director, Ecotile


“We’ve installed Ecotile at over 20 Kwik Fit sites so far. Ecotile is perfect for them because we are usually installing over painted concrete which is contaminated with oil, they couldn’t use anything else without time consuming and expensive preparation of the substrate. Kwik Fit also like the versatility, if they install some new machinery or another tyre rack they can take up the tiles and re-lay them in a new configuration.


As flooring contractors we’re big fans of Ecotile because it is so straightforward to install. As well as the Kwik Fit work we have also put Ecotile in to Bentley Motors at Crewe in their engine testing bays and we’ve done the locker rooms and changing rooms at Unilever which was a temporary installation during refurbishment.”


-John Marsh, Commercial Director, Winton Flooring Ltd


A Sustainable Solution

All Ecotiles come with a 10 year product warranty as standard.

Manufactured using the highest grade material, once the tiles have reached the end of their useful life, we will collect the tiles – free of charge – and recycle them to produce the next generation of Ecotile. This helps reduce your company’s waste and environmental impact ensuring you do your part to help.

To understand how Ecotile can solve your flooring problems please call 01582 788 232 or email [email protected]

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