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Car detailer’s perfect showroom transformation

In the world of professional car detailing, perfection is everything. So, when Barry Polding, owner at Top Car Detailing in St Helens, noticed his workshop floor paint was peeling again, a change of approach was required.


Barry explained,

“We currently rent a unit for our business, and as a condition of the lease we can’t change the flooring, only being able to paint over the existing concrete. Our business is totally based around aesthetics. Customers come to us as they want their cars looking the very best, and our workshop is also our showroom. We need our premises to shine as much as the cars do to ensure a consistent experience to delight our customers when they return to collect their vehicles.


We have reapplied paint to the floor numerous times, but consistently the paint ends up peeling and looking worn. Which really doesn’t match with the high-quality finish we’re applying to our customers cars.


We have been in business for over twenty years offering a high-end service for our customers vehicles. As you’d expect, we need really good lighting and clarity in our workshop to ensure the finish on our customers cars is second to none. This was a major consideration in which route to take to improve our flooring.


I found Ecotile Flooring online and realised using interlocking tiles offered us multiple benefits, which addressed my exact needs. Light coloured flooring really sets off the cars in the showroom, especially with the strong lighting we use. Having a smooth finish really helps with this too, and Ecotile had a choice of colours including the light grey tiles we selected.


We spend all day on our feet transforming car surfaces, so having an added layer between us and the concrete was a welcome relief and certainly feels better underfoot for working on the cars.


With one eye on the future, Ecotile offered us easy assembly and manoeuvrability flooring. Business is going really well, we have a fantastic customer base, which feels more like a community. We’ve had people from all over the UK bring their cars to us. We’ve even had a customer drive their car over from Paris to have their car detailed and surface transformed.


With this in mind, it’s feasible we may need to expand and source a larger workshop in the future. Using interlocking tiles offers me the flexibility to take the tiles with me to a new location should I need to, where I can simply add to them to cover the larger floor area.


Whilst Ecotile offer an installation service, I decided to fit them myself, and they were pretty straight forward to lay. I had to measure and cut some tiles to fit around the main workshop lift, but thankfully I didn’t have to remove the heavy-duty door to fit the tiles underneath as they are only 7mm think, which saved me a lot of time and effort.


They look really professional, and I’m delighted with the completed look of the workshop. I’m certain customers will be too, as the showroom aesthetics certainly do justice to displaying their newly detailed cars when they come to collect them.”

Barry creates regular YouTube vlogs showcasing his fantastic car detailing work to the subscribers on his channel. He’s also recorded a great video (Embeded at the top of this page) on his experience with installing his new Ecotile floor tiles demonstrating how easy it is to install interlocking tiles yourself.