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PVC interlocking floor tiles chosen again by Cobham

Cobham Uses Industrial Floor

When establishing the original UK facility, Cobham selected Ecotile PVC interlocking floor tiles approving it as the next generation of flooring technology. Following the success of this initial installation, Cobham recruited the specialist flooring manufacturer once again to support the development of a high-technology new facility.

1. Operating in such strategically critical markets, installations requiring shut-down or cure times would have been prohibitively expensive and inconvenient for Cobham.
2. The business needed to deploy conductive flooring in specific areas, where components and individuals required protection from the risk of electrostatic damage
3. It was vital for the business to clearly mark production areas and safe zones – using a system with longevity and zero risk of deterioration in the clarity of the safety messages

The Solution

Market-leading manufacturer of PVC interlocking floor tiles, Ecotile, designs and produces its comprehensive range at its UK production facility – providing durable and safe flooring solutions that can be installed with minimal disruption in commercial and industrial applications around the world. Our interlocking floor tiles offer unique benefits to highly specialist industrial applications as they combine a number of important features.


It was vital for Cobham to minimise the downtime usually associated with fitting a new flooring system. The tiles needed to be laid over a concrete floor – that had not been cured – and the floor needed to be ready to use immediately.


It was also critical that the business accurately identified production areas, gangways, walkways and safe zones. By using a range of coloured tiles and logos Cobham successfully highlighted key spaces.


Furthermore, due to the critical nature of some of Cobham’s production areas, the business also required a specialist anti-static solution; Ecotile ESD floor tiles maintain conductivity after a prolonged period of use and are incredibly easy to maintain.


Working closely with Cobham, we identified the Ecotile 6mm tile as the most appropriate solution to our client’s flooring challenges. Our hidden joint system – with push fit seam and bevelled edge – offers optimal protection against water ingress, providing protection to the surface underneath.


The clean, loose lay of Ecotiles means that the installation process is fast and simple – with minimal downtime. We were able to lay the tiles over Cobham’s power floated concrete floor, before the concrete had cured. Ecotiles can be installed without the need for a damp proof membrane, screed or adhesive – significantly reducing VOC emissions, installation time and cost.


We were able to deploy our ESD static dissipative flooring system where appropriate – ideal for use in areas where combustible or explosive materials are handled thanks to Ecotile ESD anti-static performance.


Our products are injection moulded using compound that demonstrates excellent wear characteristics, chemical resistance and stable electrical properties; easy to clean, durable and hard-wearing, the tiles are very low maintenance.


-James Gedye, CEO, Ecotile


A Sustainable Solution

All Ecotiles come with a 10 year product warranty as standard.

Manufactured using the highest grade material, once the tiles have reached the end of their useful life, we will collect the tiles – free of charge – and recycle them to produce the next generation of Ecotile.

To understand the benefits that Ecotile can deliver to your industrial facility, please call 01582 788 232 or email [email protected]

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