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Blowplast Ltd, High Wycombe

Blowplast Ltd Factory With Ecotile Flooring Installed

Blowplast Ltd manufacture plastic milk bottles and have two sites in the UK

Blowplast’s success presents challenges in terms of maintenance, especially as they operate 24/7. They needed a floor covering that could be installed during their busy production schedule without causing disruption.

Location: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Volume: 1,800 m2 in 2 units

The Challenge

  1.  The paint on the concrete floor could not withstand the trolley movement during product transport (from the production line to the warehouse)
  2. The 24/7 nature of Blowplast’s operation meant it was impossible to find the time required to prepare the substrate for a traditional floor covering such as epoxy resin.  A resin coating would also take too long to cure.
  3. A low maintenance and easy to clean alternative was required to eliminate ongoing issues in the long term.

The Solution

Market-leading manufacturer of interlocking floor tiles, Ecotile, designs and produces its comprehensive range at its UK production facility – providing durable and safe flooring solutions that can be installed with minimal disruption in commercial and industrial applications around the world.

Our interlocking floor tiles are frequently chosen for flooring projects where the substrate is problematic. The interlocking tile system means Ecotile can be dry laid over any hard surface including oily, damp, uneven or contaminated floors quickly and easily.

“Before committing to the full 1,800 m2, we installed a trial area in the busiest section of the warehouse with constant forklift traffic and left it for 4-5 months. Once we were satisfied the tiles could cope with the demands of our environment we went ahead and are very happy with the improved appearance and how easy it is to clean. Ecotile is good value and we are considering expanding its use to the warehouse.

– Alan White, Blowplast Ltd