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Stepping up the game with Adidas for Nemeziz Uprising

Last week, Adidas chose Ecotile as its flooring provider for the one night tournament of “Nemeziz Uprising” an offset of The Tango League which was launched by the sportswear giant last year. The installation team arrived on the Saturday before the event. With less than one day to prepare, the team got to work alongside […]

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The Human Touch With AI And The Workplace

When Professor Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk say they believe Artificial Intelligence is a huge threat to the human race other people sit up and listen. Stephen Hawking warns Artificial Intelligence could end mankind The list of jobs that could be done more cheaply and efficiently seems to grow longer every day meaning fewer and fewer […]

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Ecotile at Buckingham Palace & The Queen’s Awards Ceremony

It’s a great pleasure to announce that we have won two prestigious awards in the highly renowned Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for Innovation and International Trade. The awards are available for British businesses, enterprises and organizations who excel in categories such as innovation, international trade, sustainable development and promoting opportunity through social mobility. An appointment with the […]

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