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Retail Flooring

When it comes to flooring, retail is one of the most challenging sectors to supply because there are so many different environments and applications to cater to. However, there are some factors that are constant whether you run a corner shop, a garden centre or a restaurant. Safety, durability and cost must be balanced by comfort and aesthetics to create the ideal ambiance for your customer to relax and enjoy their retail experience.

Fortunately, Ecotile Lifestyle manufacture a tile that is perfect for retail flooring and can meet all these demands. The modular system means the tiles are quick and easy to install and can be lifted and re-laid in a new configuration as required. In the fast-paced world of modern retailing this is a huge advantage! Manufactured at our UK factory from polypropylene, these tough and durable tiles can easily withstand the high levels of traffic the successful retailer experiences every day. In the unlikely event that a tile is damaged it can be lifted and replaced very quickly making this flooring system one of the lowest maintenance on the market.

The range of attractive colours can be used to create a design that assists the flow of movement around the store highlighting display areas and special promotions.
These clever floor tiles help to keep dust at bay by holding dust and fine particles below the floor surface. Your stock will always stay clean and so will the floor. To clean the floor, just vacuum slowly and the dust will vanish.

The versatile nature of Ecotile Lifestyle means they are suitable for every retail environment. Frequently used in garden centres both outside and in restaurants and cafes the anti-slip surface and drainage holes provide the perfect homogenous floor covering.
The clever ramps and corners available with this system make them ideal to set up individual point of sale displays and for pop-up shops as they are so simple to lay and take up for use at the next destination.

Outdoor seating areas, aquariums, restaurants, pubs and storage areas also benefit from Ecotile Lifestyle flooring.

To find out more about Ecotile Lifestyle Retail Flooring, give us a call on 01582 219 009


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