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Exhibition & Event Flooring

Outdoor events and exhibitions are growing in popularity all over the country, despite our unpredictable weather! One of the greatest challenges the organisers face is finding suitable event flooring that meets all the demands this complex environment requires. If you are running an exhibition, a concert for thousands or a small event for 100, a durable and light portable floor is the perfect alternative to costly staging, decking and carpets.

Ideal for showstand events, festivals, concerts, track days, county shows, tradefairs, concessions, corporate publicity stunts and pop up shops. 

Exhibition & Event Flooring Should Be…

  • Light
  • Portable
  • Easy to store
  • Quick and simple to lay and take up
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe
  • Attractive

Bergo’s event flooring is specifically designed to meet these requirements. Ecotile’s outdoor event flooring will cope with the high levels of foot traffic commonly experienced at these kinds of events. The Bergo tile range uses a perforated network pattern formed of linear slots that ensure swift drainage after rain, or washing and the closely spaced supporting structure spreads the load on uneven substrates. The draining slots also help with air, light flow and prevent the existing ground underneath from becoming damaged.


Ventilated Design Ensures Drainage & Eliminates Puddles

Bergo has small holes that allow rainwater to drain away quickly and dry fast without affecting the surface.. This means that even after a heavy shower, visitors can continue to enjoy the event without getting covered in mud!
The bold range of eye-catching colours available can be used to help direct visitors or create zones and the clever ramps and corners available with this system mean it can be used in an individual patch, for example for a point of sale display, or as a walkway to lead visitors from the carpark to the grounds without any trip hazard. The flexibility available in design and layout helps the tiles to be one of the best choices for event and exhibition flooring.

  • Fade-free. Exceptional UV Stability.
  • Unaffected by Sun, Heat, Rain, Frost, Ice & Snow.
  • Comfortable – even for bare feet.
  • Safe for all ages.
  • Maintenance-free. Just sweep and wash occasionally.
  • Weight-bearing. Unaffected by footfall or stationary loads (chairs, tables, planters, etc.)

For indoor exhibitions and events, tiles can also be Cable Managed using our Cable Insert Strips and Cable Squares. Simply remove a Cable Square to allow the cable to come up through the floor and plug into your appliance or any equipment.


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