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Lyle & Scott

Lyle & Scott was founded in 1874 in the Scottish town of Hawick by William Lyle and Walter Scott. This well known knitwear brand is particularly famous for its golfing knitwear but more recently has also become popular with fashionable celebrities such as Simon Amstell and Holly Willoughby and musicians including Kasabian and Arctic Monkeys. Lyle & Scott’s designers are able to draw from a 125-year-old archive that includes designs by Christian Dior and Michael Kors and with a store in London’s Covent Garden, you can be certain that quality and fashion innovation and perfectly combined in this archetypal Scottish brand.

Location: Hawick, Scottish Borders, Scotland

Volume: 1,055 m2

Product : E500/7 in graphite and yellow

Function of area covered by Ecotile : Warehouse

The Challenge

  1. The existing concrete floor was uneven with paint flaking off and remnants of oil and grease from machinery once located in that area.
  2. Excessive dust was being produced by the flaking paint and the floor could be slippery due to the oil and grease.
  3. A floor covering was required that could be laid efficiently without disrupting work in the warehouse.

The Solution

Ecotile interlocking floor tiles can be installed directly over uneven and oil contaminated floors with out the need for costly, disruptive and messy preparation. It was possible to install over 1000 m2 in the warehouse in just a few days without affecting the smooth running of the operation. The tiles will completely eliminate the dust issue and protect the floor from further damage by the forklift traffic.

“I would definitely recommend Ecotile Flooring, they have been excellent from original enquiry right through to installation. The main advantages are the reduction in noise when moving around and an added cushion for your feet. There is less mess and they are easier to maintain. ”.

Neil Douglas, Operations Manager, Lyle & Scott


“Our interlocking floor tiles lend themselves to this kind of project perfectly as they do not need to be stuck down so the surface that we lay over doesn’t need to be perfect or even prepared really, apart from sweeping it ! All of the existing problems in the substrate are quickly and efficiently hidden and can be forgotten about under our tough 7mm thick tiles”.

– James Gedye, Founder & CEO, Ecotile.