Ecotile Lifestyle

Ecotile Flooring has developed a new range of flooring products for different environments. Here we believe that every flooring problem has a solution.  With 20 years of experience in the flooring industry, it’s almost impossible to ignore the growing need to use flooring outdoors & in a range of weathers – a product that our key customers, distributors and domestic customers commonly ask for.

We have been working extremely hard to develop a product that can meet this requirement and eliminate the remaining problems that the original E500 range can not solve. Ecotile Lifestyle is the newest member of the product family – an outdoor flooring range designed to remain durable and smart in all weather conditions.

A restriction we commonly face with Ecotile is expansion under direct sunlight. Our tiles are manufactured using PVC, so they expand when they get too hot – this  can cause the floor to lose it’s shape until it cools down again. This is why we do not recommend using the E500 tile outdoors.  Our new outdoor flooring products (Ecotile Lifestyle) are manufactured with polypropylene; a 100% recyclable thermoplastic polymer that has been UV stabilised. This material can withstand high temperatures and is not affected by sunlight. In addition to this, our outdoor flooring range is non staining – in other words tyre marks will not stain the floor!



To accommodate for harsh weather, the tile has been designed with several self draining channels; a structured linear system of holes that allow water to flow through the tile and drain away. The holes also allow for excellent airflow which helps the tiles to stay cool in fluctuating temperatures – A perfect solution for swimming pool surrounds that get really hot & hard to work on in hot countries.

Typical Applications &

Ecotile LifestyleThe tile itself is 380mm x 380mm (7 to a square meter) and is available in a wide range of colours. Lifestyle can withstand weights of up to 500 ton/m2. They can also be Cable Managed using our Cable Insert Strips and Cable Squares.  Simply remove a Cable Square to allow the cable to come up through the floor and plug into your appliance.

A perfect addition to the range

Just like all of our tiles, Ecotile Lifestyle is easily installed using connectors and joints that eliminate the need for adhesives, screeds and additional bonding agents.Tapping a rubber mallet or similar over the protruding rings easily interlocks the tiles together. This means they can be installed just as quickly as the E500 range and will not cause downtime during installation. In addition to this, the tiles are easy to maintain and can be washed very easily. Dust can be vacuumed up through the holes in the tile.

Lifestyle’s multi-functional properties can solve your flooring problems indoors and out.

Benefits Of Using Ecotile Lifestyle:

  • Easy to lay – no fasteners.
  • Adapts to the surface beneath – no need to smooth out any irregularities
  • Easy-draining
  • Can withstand high point loads
  • Well-vented – allows the surface beneath to breathe
  • Movable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Non-organic material (non-moisture-absorbing)

Technical Information

Material ISO2076: Recyclable UV stabilized polypropylene
Size of Tile EN427 / EN 428: 38cm x 38cm x 10.3mm
Weight EN430: 2.884kgs/m2
Point Load Standard: 130kgs per cm2 / 500 ton per m2
Comfort: 85kg per cm2 / 300 ton per m2
UV Stability: EN14836 – 4/5 – Excellent
ISO105 B02: 7/8 – Excellent
Weather Resistance: ASTM D1435 / ASTM G154 – Cycle A 4/5
Slip Resistance: DIN51130 – R10
Impact Resistance Standard: ISO179/1eA – +23oC = 20kj/m2 / -20oC = 5kj/m2
Comfort: ISO179/1eA – NA
Fire Rating: ISO11925-2 – Efl
Packaging Packaging: Either 1m2 (7 Tiles) or 5m2 Boxes (35 Tiles)
Max Pallet Volume: 180m2 Per Pallet
Pallet Dimensions: 1.2m x 0.8m x 2.41m (Non-stackable) – 560kgs

If you would like to know more about Ecotile Lifestyle, dont hesitate to call us on 01582 219 009


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