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Heavy Duty Industrial Flooring

Ecotile manufactures and installs interlocking floor tiles designed for demanding industrial and commercial environments. Our industrial flooring is laid directly over your existing floor, eliminating the need for costly repairs and lost production time.

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5 Reasons Why Ecotile Is Better Than Epoxy or Floor Paint

Protects Subfloors

Protect subfloors from costly damage – ideal for leased buildings.

Increases Safety

Improve employee safety with HSE compliant walkways and safety signage.

Minimal Disruption

Installed in sections, so no need to shut your operations down. Use immediately after install.

Trusted by 1000s of Leading Businesses

Why Choose Ecotile Industrial Flooring?

10 Year Warranty

Manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring durability and a long-lasting flooring solution. Ecotile has a 10 year warranty and a 20 year lifespan.

100% Recyclable

As no glues, latex or screed is needed, our tiles have can be reused and recycled. We even buy back used tiles at the end of their 20 + year lifespan.

ESD / Anti-Static Tiles Available

Ecotile is available in a Modular ESD version designed to protect components, microelectronics and other static-sensitive devices.

Protects Your Floor

As interlocking tiles are durable and impact resistant, they can be used as a protective layer for your floor in order to avoid any potential damage and costly repair bills.

Chemically Resistant

Working in an environment that requires frequent use of chemicals, solvents or oil? Ecotile are resistant to common corrosive agents and chemicals.

Easy & Quick to Install

While we offer installation service - many of our customers install the tiles themselves with no help. Tiles can be installed over existing flooring.

Variety of Types & Colours

We have a wide range of thicknesses, colours and textures when it comes to our interlocking floor tiles. With 5mm, 7mm and 10mm thicknesses to choose from.

Reduces Dust, Shock and Noise

Our tiles reduce noise of up to 46 decibels. They also prevent concrete dust from moving, and reduce impact from dropped goods.

Slip Resistant

The R10 slip rating creates more resistance and friction compared to other flooring solutions. Ecotile makes workplaces safer and more comfortable.

Solving Your Flooring Problems

Ecotile is a multi-function flooring solution, engineered to solve a range of needs or issues like:

Variety of Products & Colours

See Ecotile in Action

Ecotile is a UK made industrial flooring solution that can be fitted without causing disruption to your business; a cost effective and low maintenance interlocking floor tile that can solve several flooring problems and business challenges.

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Protect Your Subfloor

Keep Your Floors Intact

Protect subfloors from costly damage – ideal for leased buildings

A Lasting Solution

Tough, durable and engineered to last for 20+ years

Heavy Duty Use

Designed for heavy industrial use, including fork lift truck use

Lorry chassis assembley line on Ecotile

Keep Your Business Moving

No Downtime Required

Easy to install in sections, so no need to shut your operations down

No Cure Time Needed

Loose lay, modular flooring with no need for glues or adhesives, so no waiting for drying / curing

Use Right Away

You can start using Ecotile immediately after installation

Improve Safety


Reduce slips and trips from uneven or worn surfaces

Pedestrian Walkways

Use different colours to create safe pedestrian walkways and zones

Permanent Safety Signage

Add-HSE compliant safety signage to your floor with logo tiles

Mezzanine Floor TIles With Safety Zones

Made in Britain

Made in Our Bedfordshire Factory

Excellent stock levels, short lead times, fast and reliable delivery

Fire Retardant and Meets British Standards

Class 1 Spread of Flame (Bfl-S1) fire rating - Ecotile does not support combustion

Recycled On-site

All Ecotile is 100% recyclable, which we do in our own on-site facility

Modular and Versatile

Adapt to Businesss Needs

Easily change layouts as your business evolves or repurposes

DIY Repair

Simple to replace single tiles if damaged, no need for costly maintenance

Move and Re-use

Perfect for leased units – protect the landlords floor and take them with you if you relocate

Whatever Your Industry, There's an Ecotile For That

Manufacturing & Factories

Military & Defence

Transport & Logistics

Electronics & Assembly

Commercial Garages

Warehousing & Storage

Aerospace & Aviation

Commercial & Retail

Schools & Universities

1000s of Happy Customers

A. Harsant
A. Harsant
Gemini Tec
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"We wouldn’t have any hesitation in working with Ecotile again or recommending them to anyone seeking a professional ESD floor."
S. Baker
S. Baker
Baker Labels
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"Ecotile ticked all the boxes for us. They were able to lay the floor while we continued working, the tiles provide excellent protection for our concrete floor and if a tile gets damaged we can replace it quickly."
N. Winfield
N. Winfield
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“Interlocking system is future-proof should we wish to extend the floor or change the layout. It also makes maintenance easy as we will be able to replace damaged tiles ourselves should we need to and if we drop tools Ecotile cushions the fall effectively”.

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