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Solving Flooring Problems All Over The World

Just how versatile are Ecotile interlocking floor tiles?

In 2017 our customers included a submarine based in Thailand, printing factories in Singapore and Cameroon, an energy plant in India and a cosmetics factory in Mexico.

Before Ecotile was manufactured…

In the past, a factory manager would have considered concrete, epoxy resin or paint to be his only options if he needed to replace his industrial or warehouse floor. Bonded sheet vinyl was the most popular choice for ESD flooring and commercial buildings are most frequently decked out in vinyl, carpet or laminate. Older buildings can still be found with wood floors or quarry tiles and ceramic tiles are still a popular solution in some industries.

But what do all these traditional floor coverings have in common? You need a professional to install them.

Different Flooring Types

Concrete has to be mixed perfectly if it’s going to withstand heavy machinery and forklift traffic. Over a large area you need to incorporate expansion joints and you’ll need to include a damp proof membrane to avoid cracks caused by moisture.

Epoxy resin not only needs to be mixed perfectly itself but the substrate you apply it to has to be correctly prepared to prevent the resin delaminating after a few months. Any moisture or contamination from oils and chemicals can ruin an epoxy floor which is the last thing you want when you’ve spent all that money and endured the hassle of waiting for it to be ready to use. The same thing is true of paint – if the substrate hasn’t been prepared properly you could be repainting every 3 months and you’ll never get a perfect finish.

Installing any kind of ESD floor is a huge responsibility. If a component in a satellite or an aeroplane fails due to electrostatic damage the consequences can be very expensive or even fatal. You have to be very confident you have grounded the floor correctly and the substrate that you bond the sheet vinyl to needs to be perfectly smooth and flat. For some companies this isn’t a problem but for many the time and resource required to achieve this simply aren’t available.

What about the environment?

Environmental conditions can create another set of problems. Repair compounds and adhesives are sensitive to temperature and humidity – there are certain parameters you have to work within if the product is going to cure and endure. Equally damp proof membranes have become much more advanced and flexible in recent years but there are still restrictions on where you can use them and an experienced floor fitter is needed to install them.

Ecotile is a global problem solver

In all these circumstances the time and requirement for a professional fitter can dramatically increase the cost of installing a new floor. Fortunately, as our customers across the world have discovered, Ecotile solves all these problems with its simple interlocking design that allows the tiles to be loose laid over any hard surface including uneven, damp and contaminated substrates without the need for adhesive or repairs. Here are some examples from 2017;

  1. Mermaid Subsea Services Ltd bought 23m2 of 6mm hidden joint tiles in blue. Submarines have a very limited time in dock for repairs so they were delighted that laying the floor could be done by the submariners themselves when they were back out at sea. When you think of the heat and cramped conditions on a submarine it perfectly exemplifies how easy Ecotile is to install.
  2. Honsen Printing Industries Pte Ltd in Singapore installed 500m2 of the 10mm heavy duty tiles in dark grey over their factory floor. Printing machines are very large and need to be perfectly calibrated so moving them to lay a new floor would have made the job extremely costly and difficult. The staff laid the tiles themselves by cutting around the feet of the machines and had a brand new floor in 3 days.
  3. India Turbo Energy Pvt Ltd have laid 100m2 of 7mm dark blue smooth texture in their warehouse. Their forklift trucks were finding it difficult to traverse the damaged concrete floor but are now operating safely and smoothly again.
  4. Benzcam Energy Efficiency Services Africa LLC are located in Cameroon and specialise in printing passports. As you can imagine they are strictly vetted by the government and their premises have to be a high standard so when their floor was deemed to be unacceptable quality they needed a quick and durable solution. Furthermore, static can be a serious issue in printing factories so the floor covering they chose had to offer ESD protection. 4 weeks later we had delivered 420m2 of ESD tiles and they installed them with no professional flooring or ESD expertise.
  5. Bissu Cosmeticos S.A. De C.V. manufacture cosmetics for some of the most prestigious beauty houses in the world and operate 24/7 to keep up with demand for their high quality products. They couldn’t afford to stop production to lay a new floor so they bought 700m2 of 10mm thick Ecotile and laid it themselves in 3 days. They were so pleased with the performance of the tiles and the ease of installation that they ordered a further 2900m2 9 months later!


Here’s a quote from Bissu Cosmeticos:

“We are very happy with the floor, it looks great and is very functional. We will definitely buy more in the near future”
Antonio Perez-Salcedo

Director, Bissu Cosmeticos S.A. De C.V.

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