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The real cost of industrial resin flooring

The real cost of epoxy resin flooring

Why Europe’s leading industries are turning to cleaner, greener and more cost effective alternatives to resin floors

For most of the modern era epoxy resin flooring has been the most commonly used covering in commercial and heavy industry. They are chosen because they are tough, smart and generally quite reliable in some of the most demanding working environments on the planet.

But with more and more global manufacturing brands recognising the fact that scarcity of resource is becoming a big issue, it’s time to look at the alternatives out there to these resource intensive solutions.

Big businesses breaking the mould

It’s one thing for a global furniture giant like IKEA (not the most sustainable of industries) to appoint a Chief Sustainability Officer in Steve Howard, but quite another for them to speak of humanity having reached what he called ‘Peak Stuff’ at the Sustainable Brands 2016 conference last week:

“What we mean by ‘peak stuff’ is that we live in a world of finite resources and we recognise that consumption needs to reflect this. At IKEA, we are therefore seeking new ways to meet people’s needs and aspirations whilst staying within the limits of our planet.”

And it isn’t just IKEA. Ford Motors raised eyebrows recently as it publicly left a controversial American climate denying lobby group, and a large number of corporate US giants are swinging behind President Obama’s Clean Power Plan much to the surprise of many Republicans.

The new industrial world of the circular economy

If you are not familiar with the Circular Economy you soon will be. One of the buzz phrases of 2016 it refers to the growing number of new and disruptive brands that are creating new and innovative ways to meet the needs to a sustainable modern industrial world.

This ranges from the partnership between environmental services company Veolia and household equipment manufacturer Group SEB to develop a circular model for small household appliances, to innovative recycling start-ups like WRAP.

A sustainable alternative for 20 years

When we began promoting Ecotile industrial flooring as the sustainable alternative to epoxy resin flooring 20 years ago, it is fair to say that we were at the vanguard of the Circular Economy and somewhat on the fringes of the UK industrial flooring market.

Today our unique interlocking flooring technology, that allows us to remove and recycle our old tiles and use them to produce the next generation of Ecotile, puts us right at the very forefront of this new wave of modern business thinking.

Unlike epoxy resin that must be broken up and thrown into landfill Ecotile industrial flooring can simply be removed and re-used time and time again.

We achieve this by breaking down the tiny PVC pellets and removing all dirt and contamination before adding them to our machines to be remade anew.

Our biggest challenge is the amount of power required to achieve this so we have worked closely with the Carbon Trust to use the most efficient injection moulding machines and greenest energy practices available. We always look to do more.

Also, the unique interlocking industrial flooring alternative to epoxy resin that we have designed removes the need for any additional glues and adhesives as you can just slot the floor down on top of your concrete floor.

When you stop to think about the sheer volume of chemicals being applied to industrial floors across the World you can image just how much damage this prevents to the wider environment.

A welcome shift of focus

For too long the industrial and manufacturing sector has believed that an industrial floor must be made of highly unsustainable epoxy resin.

Yet brands such as BMW, Rolls Royce, Walkers Crisps and the Royal Mail are turning their attention to our cleaner, more sustainable flooring solutions because they recognise that it is simply bad business to keep on using resources that cannot be replaced.

To find out about how Ecotile can offer your businesses a genuine alternative to epoxy resin flooring please contact us today on (+44) 01582 788232

Image by Alan Levine
Used under the Creative Commons License