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PVC Flooring For MVR Safety – Quick Guide

PVC flooring

Motor Vehicle Repair (MVR) workshops such as garages, MoT centres, bodyshops and panel beaters are pretty hazardous places to work in. Flammable liquids, oil, grease, toxic substances and repair equipment can all lead to accidents, injuries and illnesses at work caused by fire, exposure, noise pollution, slips and trips to name but a few.


The HSE has set guidelines to increase safety for workers in MVRs. One way to help increase safety is by installing heavy duty PVC flooring specifically designed for MVRs.


Here’s a look at just some of the hazards in MVRs and how PVC flooring can help increase safety in these work environments.


Slips and Trips 

20% of MVR injuries are caused by slips and trips. To prevent accidents, the HSE recommends the following safety precautions:


  • Suitable footwear with non-slip, shock absorbent soles, oil resistant uppers and steel toe caps.
  • Suitable flooring that is regularly maintained and has a non-slip surface.
  • Gangways should be clearly marked and kept clear.
  • Parts and Equipment should be tidied away and not cause obstructions in walkways.
  • Suitable cleaning substances, equipment and procedures in the event of oil, grease or hazardous fluid spillages.


Heavy duty PVC is tough, durable, can withstand heavy loads and is ideal for MVRs. Its non-slip properties provide a safer working environment and can drastically reduce the risk of slips and trips.



Draining fuel tanks, flame, spark and heat generated repairs and exposure to flammable liquids are all fire risks in MVRs.


If a fire should occur, PVC flooring will char and burn out rather than spread the fire and will also reduce the release of toxic fumes.


Dust Contamination

Toxic substances can be released into the air, especially from sanding jobs in bodyshops. These dust particles can be inhaled, damaging the lungs or causing skin irritations.


PPEs such as overalls, gloves and respiratory masks should be worn to reduce exposure. However, PVC flooring can also reduce dust build-up and dispersal of harmful dust into the atmosphere.


Noise Pollution

Pneumatic tools, sanders and grinders used in panel beating and in MVR workshops have a particularly high decibel noise level.


Continuous, long term exposure to loud noise can permanently damage your hearing. This can range from tinnitus to irreversible hearing loss.


PVC flooring has insulating properties that help absorb and reduce noise levels in MVR areas.


Ecotile heavy duty PVC flooring is ideal for all types of MVRs. For more information our range of garage and workshop flooring, contact Ecotile today or visit us online.

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