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How to floor a car detailing studio

Back in 2012 our friends at Polished Bliss gave a fantastic demonstration on how to floor a car detailing studio.

In the blog they describe exactly why Ecotile was favoured over most for their car detailing studio. To be exact here’s a nice quote from the article:

“We chose Ecotile on this occasion because we were somewhat disappointed by the performance of the previous Dynotile flooring system we purchased back in 2007, which was showing signs of significant wear and surface damage by the start of this year (although in fairness it should be pointed out that Dynotile is not specifically designed with busy commercial settings in mind). Manufactured in the UK by The Versatile Flooring Company, Ecotile is a harder wearing, heavier duty garage flooring system comprising solid core plastic interlocking floor tiles that are ideal for use in industrial and commercial settings.

The Ecotile  range consists of a standard 7 mm thick tile (chosen in this instance, in a raised disc pattern format), a 6 mm hidden joint tile and an extra heavy duty 10 mm tile for industrial flooring applications. All of the tiles in the range are chemically resistant, have superb anti-slip properties, can withstand and recover from significant point loading (vehicle jacks and axle stands) and are very easy to maintain using commercial floor scrubber-dryers.”


They also go through all the steps of the installation process and provide some nice imagery. By the end of the demonstration you can see just how neat the car detailing studio looks, and it’s a true testament to the quality of our product. Once finished, they show the sheer quality of Ecotile and explain why our tiles are superior when it comes to garage flooring.

Be sure to head over to Polished Bliss if you’re also a car enthusiast.