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Greener Ways to Heat Your Workplace

Winter is truly setting in now with the arrival of January and dropping temperatures. The majority of UK businesses still rely on carbon based fuels to heat their work space but thanks to movements such as Extinction Rebellion we are all aware these harm the environment. If you’re thinking about switching to greener and more environmentally friendly methods here are some suggestions.

Eco-Friendly Heating Methods

Fossil fuels are commonly used for heating, which not only cause damage to the environment but also cost a lot to extract. There are many other ways that you could achieve greener energy this winter that will result in lower running costs as well as an improved carbon footprint for your company.

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are great investments for efficiently heating smaller offices. Compared to wood stoves, they are a greener heating solution as they use pellets which are made from waste products like sawdust or switch grass. Not only are the pellets a lot cheaper than buying firewood they are also much more compact and so require less storage space. Additionally, pellet stoves produce less air pollution than wood burning alternatives. For more information, you may find this website helpful.

Solar Heating Systems

Solar energy has proven to be one of the most popular ways to be greener over the years. Essentially, once you make the investment of installing solar panels and using solar heating, you will have no additional costs. There are two options to choose from when looking to solar as an environmentally friendly way to provide heat: the first being to heat liquid and the second to heat air.

This decision usually depends on the type of heating system you already have, so it is a good idea to book a free consultation with a solar energy specialist who can tell you the right system for your work space needs. If you want to look further into this alternative heating system, click here.

Geothermal Systems

Simply put, geothermal means ‘earth heat’ which means geothermal heating systems use the constant temperature of the earth to heat your building. They can transfer heat to radiators and other climate control systems in your home, and provide hot water. Many of these systems can also be used in reverse in hot weather to provide geothermal cooling.

They take advantage of the fact that the ground just under the surface remains at a fairly constant temperature throughout the year. This means that by engineering systems that convey energy from the ground to the home, and vice versa, it’s possible to maintain a comfortable temperature in properties throughout the seasons.

This is because the earth’s heat is much more stable than the outside air which is normally colder and therefore requires more energy to heat up spaces to a comfortable temperature. It can also be used in reverse so it can cool your working environment in the warmer months, savings lots of energy in both processes. More information can be found here.


Insulation is the key to retaining as much warmth as possible and making your work space greener. Loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and under-floor insulation are all fantastic ways to trap  the warmth from floor to ceiling. By using all three insulation methods, you will help reduce your energy consumption throughout the winter months. For more information and guidance, visit this website.

Insulating Flooring Tiles by Ecotile

A quick and easy way to insulate your floor is to lay Ecotile over your existing floor covering. All of our interlocking tiles at Ecotile offer efficient thermal and acoustic insulation so they can provide a greener heating solution for your office, canteen, factory, garage, workshop – in fact almost anywhere!

Give us a call or email us today via our contact page to find out more about greener ways to heat your workplace this year!