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Get Summer Season Ready With Outdoor Flooring

Spring is here with summer on the horizon, and with a little hope and prayer that the British sunshine won’t be as sporadic as always, we can all expect to have a lot of fun in the coming months ahead.

Our outdoor flooring is the perfect complement to sporting, festival and other recreational events. Providing a reliable and aesthetically pleasing flooring solution to your activities.

1. Self-Draining and Slip-Resistant.

Despite the wishful thinking of having clear skies and rising temperatures on your big day events, things may not go as planned in the weather department and you could be having to deal with unexpected downpours. Fortunately, our outdoor flooring provides a backup plan in case such an occurrence happens.

Our outdoor flooring has been designed with open grid water-air flow channels, allowing for fluids to flow between to the bottom, letting both the tiles and the surface below to dry quicker with the additional space.

If you’re still worried about the safety of event goers in the event of a rainy day, our outdoor flooring comes with the benefit of being manufactured with polypropylene, a polymer with brilliant anti-slip qualities, giving you piece of mind that your customers freely with a minimised risk of puddles and slipping.

2. Low maintenance design

Preparation for outdoor events can be time consuming and tricky. If you’re only planning for one day events or needing to adapt space with a quick turnaround, you need something which will give you flexibility and versatility. No need for adhesives or special tools with our outdoor flooring. These tiles simply slot together and detach with no fuss, all you need is a mallet and you’re good to go. Our tiles are also easy to clean, only need water and a cloth.

3. Durable and Weatherproof

With the hopeful windfall that a lot event goers will be turning up to your festivities, you will also need to factor in the durability of your flooring as well. Wear and tear is a major concern. Thankfully, because of the polypropylene design, the tiles can withstand heavy use as well as benefit from UV stabilisation meaning our outdoor flooring will not be affected by direct sunlight or intense heat (including colder ailments such as frost, ice and snow).

4. Aesthetics

These outdoor flooring tiles aren’t just built to be hard-wearing, weight-bearing and adaptable to any situation.  We wanted to create an attractive flooring product that could suit any occasion. Be it at a music or food festival, a car show, or any other event you can think of. With our wide choice colours, we have no doubt you’ll be able to customize your new flooring to spec and visual appeal.