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What temperature should the tiles be before I install them?

Installation should not take place at temperatures below 15ºC.

Do not try and install the tiles straight after delivery, the tiles must be
allowed to acclimatise to the ambient room temperature prior to
starting installation, we recommend you allow 24 hours but this will be
dependent on temperature, the warmer it is the quicker the tiles will
acclimatise, if time is short we recommend you breakdown the pallet
of tiles to help them acclimatise and settle quicker.

PLEASE NOTE: If installation has to take place at a temperature
below 15ºC, firstly allow to tiles to acclimatise to the ambient
temperature of the room and secondly, leave a larger expansion gap
between the tiles and any fixed point and / or incorporate an
expansion gap in the floor every 8 to 10 meters. We are unable to
warranty installations that have taken place at temperatures below

For our comprehensive installation guide please go to the download section and download the Installation Guide information sheet