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Ecotile Replaces Resin Flooring With Durable Tiles

Durable Floor Tiles save the floor

Ecotile’s sustainable and durable tiles save the day.

Ecotile recently came to the aid of a large factory site in the North East by delivering a large scale solution to an on-going floor problem.

The state of the art manufacturing plant which runs 24 hours a day  had previously installed epoxy resin flooring. The flooring developed some problems. The screed had initially been laid to a poor quality and strength, and the aggressive nature of aisle stacker truck wheels started to damage the floor.


The resin floor failed  quickly and exposed the screed to further damage. Faced with a huge crisis in terms of functionality and production, the company turned to Ecotile for durable tiles and a sustainable solution which would not delay operations.

The multi-million pound organisation were nervous about re-investing in such a large project again, as the floor exceeded 6000 sqm.

However, Ecotile provided a single point, bulletproof warranty regarding installation and product to reduce any fears the client may have had.

In addition to this, Ecotile arranged multiple site visits to factories of similar size and standard where the floors were taking similar work loads to prove the product. The client was also given the advantage to be able to discuss the quality of installation and product with companies that had similar issues solved by Ecotile.

Long Lasting Floor Tiles

Confidence restored, the client placed the order and issued Ecotile with a plan regarding disruption and turnaround times which were all met.

The existing damage to the screed was repaired and any loose resin areas removed. As Ecotile doesn’t need aggressive preparation, toxins, or grinding, the  team were able to quickly install durable tiles. The tiles were easily laid in  ‘sensitive’ areas, handing them back with the absolute minimum of downtime.

Durable Tiles from Ecotile

Aisle stacker/reach trucks are well known for the damage their wheels cause due to their high pressure point loading. Ecotile can combat this easily by using powerful adhesives to stick durable tiles in the areas the trucks work.

An additional bonus of installing Ecotile in a large factory.

The durable tiles create a ‘softer’ feel under foot than concrete, particularly in Winter. The tiles act as a warmer barrier from the concrete. The project reaped the benefits and even made production ‘quieter’. Ecotile has long since been renowned for its’ decibel reducing qualities.

The project was delivered ahead of schedule, right on budget and the client was delighted. Ecotile were able to turn round a project that appeared to be heading for disaster. So much so that the company have offered to let any prospective clients view what has been achieved – another satisfied customer, as the testimonial below proves!

“We haven’t spoken or met previously, I am running the refurbishment project in Ashington. I just want to pass on my appreciation for a job well done on the latest phase of the floor. I know we still have the final (potentially more complex) phase to complete but I really wanted to offer up some praise for Chris and lads completing the works here. The quality of the job is simply brilliant and the flexibility and work ethic of the lads is second to none. They are praised by the other contractors as well as myself, my team and the US owners (who were across the week before last). Here’s to a great Christmas break and a prosperous new year for us both…”