ecotile esd and antistatic flooring (32)

ESD/Conductive and Anti-Static Flooring: The Differences

Are you looking for a flooring solution that deals with static build-up? Then you need to understand the difference between anti-static and electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring. A build-up of static electricity occurs when a non-conductive object rubs against another non-conductive object. Both anti-static flooring and ESD flooring are solutions to this problem in the workplace, […]

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Long Term Impact of Coronavirus

The Long Term Implications of Coronavirus on the UK

The COVID-19 situation is a global concern, with public health systems and national economies under increasing pressure from the impact of the virus. There’s no point writing about the current and developing situation regarding Coronavirus, as soon as you finish a sentence it’s out of date. But it is worth considering the long term implications […]

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