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How we make Ecotile Flooring

The Importance of Manufacturing to the UK Economy

It’s been a common refrain since the 1980s – “manufacturing in the UK is in decline” or sometimes even “manufacturing in the UK is dead”. This is usually accompanied by reminiscences about the strength of our mining, steel and car industries 40 years ago and mutterings about the over-reliance the UK economy places on service […]

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Shop flooring

Greener Ways to Heat Your Workplace

Winter is truly setting in now with the arrival of January and dropping temperatures. The majority of UK businesses still rely on carbon based fuels to heat their work space but thanks to movements such as Extinction Rebellion we are all aware these harm the environment. If you’re thinking about switching to greener and more […]

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Ecotile Robot

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Manufacturer

Are you considering switching to a new manufacturer but are overwhelmed by the vast choice? Here are some questions to ask when choosing a manufacturer and some important things to consider to help you choose the right one for you. How to Select a New Manufacturer Your manufacturer needs to be able to match your […]

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The best industrial flooring

Do I really need to replace my industrial floor? The art of knowing how much wear and tear is too much

When the time comes to replace your industrial floor, it can be a dangerous investment for the business. Do it too soon and you risk impacting cash flow, but leave it too late and you begin putting your workforce in harm’s way. So how can you tell when it’s the right time to plan for a new floor? […]

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Heavy duty industrial flooring solutions for the logistics industry

A logistics show may not seem like an obvious place for the manufacturers of interlocking floor tiles to exhibit, but it is perfect for us because our industrial flooring provides the solution to problems that many of this show’s visitors are experiencing. IMHX 2016, the essential intralogistics event for supply chain professionals, is taking place […]

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Heavy industry needs to forge a sustainable future

Sustainability the new major driving factor in industrial and commercial flooring market

Sustainability will play a major role in growth of the commercial and industrial flooring market over the next five years – according to a report by Hexaresearch – placing Ecotile right at the forefront of emerging industrial flooring trends. Highlighted by, the report shows how technological innovation is stimulating an unprecedented growth in demand […]

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