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Achilles accreditation for Ecotile

Achilles Accreditation award; why it matters to our customers

Why an Achilles Accreditation matters?

We are very happy to announce that Ecotile has recently been audited by supply chain solutions specialist Achilles and passed with flying colours.

Having an independent  Achilles accreditation really matters to our customers. Achilles are committed to delivering the very highest standards across the board. This means that Ecotile has been evaluated by a group of professionals from the construction sector looking to drive standards and promote industry best practice.

Achilles is established in 22 different countries, offering buyers reassurance and peace of mind by providing its communities with an online SaaS-based buyer and supplier compliance, risk and performance management platform.

Having an Achilles accreditation awarded to Ecotile gives buyers the confidence that they are working with a renowned and trusted partner. To date, 17 national and international construction companies have selected Achilles Building Confidence as their preferred standard for supplier pre-qualification, registration and accreditation.

Companies who achieve Achilles Accreditation gain a ‘shop window’ with some of the biggest companies in the construction sector.  Companies who receive the Accreditation will now be able to share, via an online platform, its performance in key business areas, such as health and safety, environment, quality and compliance.

We are very pleased to make this announcement, as it shows our commitment to consistently improve and build upon the high standards. Our standards have seen us become one of Europe’s leading suppliers of industrial and commercial flooring.

Because of their expertise in the sector, we not only feel very proud to be associated with them, but more importantly understand the extra confidence that this gives our customers when working with Ecotile.

You can find out more about Achilles and their compliance scheme by visiting their website, where you can see for yourself just how much hard work goes into making sure that each supplier listed on their programme operates to the best industry standards.

For more information about our Achilles Accreditation and how it can give you the confidence and peace of mind that you are working with the best industrial flooring specialists, please call and speak to a member of our team today.